Modra, Slovakia

Pivnica Čajkov

Dunaj 2020

Légère notes fermières et de poivre blanc au premier nez. On sent la biodynamie. En bouche, la poire et le miel sont très présentes. Excellent en apéritif ou avec un ceviche. — 13 days ago

Pivnica Čajkov

Vulcanica #4 (Methode Untraditional) Rose Pesecká Leánka

Effervescent all the way. Hints of pear, pepper, warming across the tongue even though chilled. — 25 days ago

Aci Urbajs

Organic Anarchy Modra Frankinja 2015

Happy to find this great Slovene in Vienna. Never had his Pinot before, and while it doesn’t taste like anarchy, it’s totally delightful — 2 months ago

Strekov 1075

Rozalia 2018

Very earthy, extremely funky, and slightly smoky with a subtle but delightful effervescence. Notes of raspberries and blue cheese. High salinity and strong minerality. — 21 days ago

Slobodné Vinárstvo

Oranžista Pinot Gris 2019

Not for the faint of heart — 2 months ago

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Strekov 1075

Fred #7 Blauer Portugieser Blend

If you are ever unconvinced that Slovakia doesn’t make good wine you need to try is wine from Stekov. Fred 8 Is light bodied wine but finds that balance between complex and easy drinking. I saw another reviewer said Brett on the nose and totally agree it’s a little bit barley wine co- fermented but still super ripe. Would be so good with cold charcuterie or grilled chicken.  — 3 months ago

Château Belá

Muzla Riesling 2018

Some Slovakian Egon Müller Riesling!? Pale lemon color. Medium mineral nose with wet rock and slate, green fruit, salinity; petrol comes in late. The palate is dry, highly acidic, medium alcohol, medium bodied, medium flavor intensity with green fruit, wet stone, and hints of honey. Medium finish. Very good wine. Impressively very good, it’s got balance, some complexity and an adequate tangy finish. Could ‘a fooled me! Looks, smells and tastes like a very good quality Mosel. — 16 days ago

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Jason Brater

Jason Brater

Yes, please! Sounds delicious.


Good pqr also.

Slobodné Vinárstvo

La Rose et Le Vampire Frankovka Cabernet Rosé 2020

Strong strawberry note, sweetness not covering anything, no weird stuff going on whatsoever. Delicious but not complex or balanced. — 2 months ago

7 Riadkov

Veltlín z Qvevry

Barn nose, souple body with beautiful malolactic finish — 3 months ago