Bodegas Virxen de Galir

Pagos Del Galir Valdeorras Mencía 2016

This Spanish wine has a tight nose that offers only a whiff of red fruit and bit of spice. Six months barrel aging didn't take over the grapes. There are plenty of those Mencía grapes to smell. Plenty to taste, too, although the oak spice comes through a tad stronger on the palate. Tannins are firm, and the wine feels fresh and young in the mouth. Aging will help, and so will a nice decanting. — 15 days ago

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Bodegas Gallegas

Rectoral de Amandi Colletta Seleccionada Ribeira Sacra Mencía 2018

Wow what a surprisingly beautiful wine. Had it with lunch, it’s very smooth and easy to drink. I would love to buy 10 bottles of these! — 2 days ago

Carlos Bañón
with Carlos

Descendientes de José Palacios

Pétalos Bierzo Mencía

Great! Sour cherry with graphite minerality. Luscious and bright all at once. — 12 days ago

Raul Pérez

Ultreia Saint Jacques Bierzo Mencía 2017

Yummy paella wine 🥘 🍷 — 14 hours ago

Emily Heyward
with Emily
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Viña Caneiro

Ribeira Sacra Mencía 2015

Absolute genius record from Japanese pop star Akiko Yano. Produced by Lowell George and backed by Little Feat on a large portion of the album. The collaboration defies description, and I can’t recommend highly enough. My love affair with Mencia continues here. Bright tart blackberry notes and powerful aromatics & acidity make this shine. Cool stuff off the beaten path. — 20 days ago

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Rick K

Rick K

No ruck on Spotify. I can buy the album but my Technics tables are long gone. Alas.
Robert Rothfield

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The complete album is free and on the found it via Google

Bodegas Alvarez de Toledo

Roble Bierzo Mencia

Good body, dark, dry, warm -- sour cherry and caramel. A little too sharp until it breathes an hour. — 13 days ago

Raul Pérez

La Vizcaina La Vitoriana Lomas de Valtuille Bierzo Mencia 2016

Tobacco, dark berries, transmission fluid, damp earth. Delicious. — 13 days ago

Jose Antonio Garcia

Unculín Bierzo Mencia 2014

The Dictionary Of Soul should have an entry for the Unculin Mencia from Jose Garcia . This wine is sleek & elegant stuff with plenty of soul. This album also has plenty of soul, it’s the Dictionary after all. Happy Wednesday. — 21 days ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

Very nice review. Cheers! 🍷

Laura Lorenzo

Daterra Viticultores Portela Do Vento 2016

Christopher Losa

deep earth notes and fully structured but in no way heavy or cloying. a brilliant balance of deep brooding and bright agile. — a year ago

Grandes Pagos Gallegos

Fraga do Corvo Monterrei Mencía 2016

Mencia and I were only acquaintances for far too long. I know palate preferences evolve and all, but why haven’t I been drinking Mencia regularly all this tome? I love wines that balance power with elegance and this “Fraga do Corvo” from Gallegos has that in spades. This record speaks for itself. A bona fide classic start to finish. It takes some major self confidence to be on your album cover in your robe and Harry knew this record backed it up. — a month ago

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Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

Gotta get up gotta get up
Tom Casagrande

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Damn I love that album.
Larry Frierson

Larry Frierson

“Everybody’s Talkin’” bout this wine. Or Nillson.