Malvazija Istarska Alba Robinia Barrique Malvazia 2016

A little woody for my taste but well done — 9 months ago

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Vina Matošević

Alba Antiqua Malvazija Istarska

balsamic, herbs, creamy note supported by lively acidic note. tough spine. very well made. — 4 years ago


Istarska Alba Barrique Malvazia 2017

Nice exquisite aroma and perfect taste for Malvazija. — 3 years ago


Grimalda Red Blend 2012

Magnificent wine! Croatian wine needs more shout outs! — 5 years ago


Móra Merlot 2013

One of the best merlots I’ve tried. Simply delicious, strong fruity aftertaste with a very subtle oak component. Smells great and tastes great! — 3 years ago