Mai Et Kenji Hodgson

Mai et Kenji Hodgson

Faia Vin Blanc Chenin Blanc 2014

This is in a very good spot right now. I had the 2017 Les Aussigouins earlier this year and felt it was a bit disjointed and needed time. I would think this is drinking at about peak right now but it could still go for a few more years if you have a bottle around. This has some classic beeswax/lanolin character but really relies on its acid structure to carry it. Lots of minerality and texture. — 2 months ago

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Mai et Kenji Hodgson

Les Aussigouins Chenin Blanc 2016

This is really good. Not a whole lot of acid here (which I usually like in Chenin) a bit sweet at first, opened up more later on though. Apples. Apricot. — 9 months ago

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Mai et Kenji Hodgson

P'tit Luchini Vin de Soif Grolleau

Glou Anjou rouge carbonic cab franc — 7 years ago

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Mai et Kenji Hodgson

Metro Boulot Grolo Red Blend

I literally found my perfect wine. Barn, cherry, glou glou loveliness — 5 months ago

Mai et Kenji Hodgson

P'tit Luchini Vin Blanc Chenin Blanc

If you can drink the entire bottle - sharing recommended - in less than an hour you’re good. If not, expect the arrival of a very stinky mouse in your glass, with an unwelcome “times up” grin. Slosh down a glass well chilled right after opening and you’ll be relatively pleased. — 8 months ago

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Mai et Kenji Hodgson

Canal de Monsieur Cabernet Franc

You won't find better quality for the price. Nice Rhone red, a lot of funk — 4 years ago

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Mai et Kenji Hodgson

La Grande Pièce Vin Rouge Red Blend

This bad boy was like a versatile NFL running back - weighty up front but surprisingly light and dynamic on its feet, and the moves for a lingering finish - the Elroy Carson type @Scott Petrus - oh yeah it’s 100% Grolleau from two Japanese wine makers in the Loire. — 7 months ago

Scott Petrus

Scott Petrus

Don’t catch the fluuuuuu

Mai et Kenji Hodgson

Galarneau Vin Rouge Cabernet Franc 2016

Alive, crunchy and delicious — 3 years ago

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