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Alps Wine Co.

Musee Du Vin Ryugan 2015

— a year ago

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Domaine Masaki Wakabayashi

Noguchi Northern Alps Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Maybe sharing it with mom, who loves #charddy & thought this was a great bottle, caused me to enjoy it more this time or maybe it was being able to drink a bottle and not just a glass, thus tasting its evolutions that caused the higher rating? Either or, it's a v good #wine from #japan. Love it's electric lift & lack of obtrusive #oak — 6 years ago

Alps Wine

Musée du Vin Black Queen 2010

250216スッキリして余韻のある後味もよし。 — 9 years ago

Alps Wine

Musée du Vin Merlot 2013

日本ワインうまいではないですか! — 4 years ago

Ozawa Shuzo Co.,Ltd.

Shidekori Nishiki Yamada Sake

The accidental slurpy 😊 — 5 years ago

Funky Château

Gris Gris Kyoho Blend 2012

my backyard rosé made from Nagano table grapes. lively with super fresh acidity. perfect for sitting outside watching the sun set behind the northern alps while eating garden fresh gazpacho. — 8 years ago


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Tsuyoshi Enoki

Daishinshu/ Daishinshu shuzou Co., Ltd./ Nagano prefecture/ Hitogokochi/ rice polish ratio: 70%/ dry tokubetsu junmai/
Light delicate note of apple and peach. Smooth and clear sweet attack with nuance of pear, apple and carbonate acid. Vibrant fresh acid and comfortable accent of bitterness. Not heavy, but juicy. Good balance.
— 5 years ago

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Alps Wine Co.

BQ & ME Black Queen-Merlot Blend

Alps wine (Nagano, Japan). Black queen and merlot. Year not printed on bottle. — 8 years ago