Langhorne Creek, Fleurieu


Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2016

This is a wonderful Shiraz from South Africa. Intense fruit with multiple layers. Well structured and long finish. Great wine! — 14 days ago

Bleasdale Vineyards

Frank Potts Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2008

Last time I enjoyed this wine was 2013. Time has been kind.
My younger palate gave it 98points.
Although fair, its closer to 94.
Fully resolved and a pleasure to savour.
— 2 months ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Scott Rowe@Ira Schwartz I like this younger palate thing, so true. Luckily we evolve😊..or/and get older too😁
Scott Rowe

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Thanks for the words @Ira Schwartz @Ceccherini Cristiano
Everything evolves at some rate, the wines we purchase and hold, our palates as we taste another Vintage, another region. Our perception of QPR sometimes evolves linear to this but not always. Our journey in wine will never be boring, always something to learn.


The Shadow Langhorne Creek Shiraz Cabernet 2012


Dense dark inky huge extraction - massive wine w/blackberry & dark fruits along w/richer red fruit like raspberry, cherry & ripe currant. Subtle mint & pepper, really takes time to unwind. Flavors vivid Day 2. Soft plush smooth on palate with gobs of ripe fruit & spice. Seamless integrated tannins & lengthy finish. Manipulated style - not for me, but it is hedonistic. — 4 months ago

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Bleasdale Vineyards

Generations Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2006

Delightful smooth and an absolutely beautiful wine! — 22 days ago

Bleasdale Vineyards

Second Innings Malbec

Is it a super volcanic-dirty Malbec? No. But it’s pretty good for a local. Maybe the vines aren’t old enough yet. It’s pretty good IMHO. Better with food than without. — a month ago

Fox Creek

Reserve McLaren Vale Shiraz 2002

From 6L format. Impeccable even though the cork had partially popped. Wine took on massive body with air. Still so alive. Complex, deep, perfectly integrated, soft tannin; not heavy or cloying. Strong vein of acid held everything together. Long and harmonious. The very best of what Australia shiraz can be when left alone. — 3 months ago

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Fox Creek

Postmaster GSM

Seriously nice wine. There is a little bit of sharpness and tang. Some blueberry tones. A very full mouthfeel and aftertaste. I'll definitely drink this one again. — 4 months ago


Foggy Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

Quite a novelty enjoying this one at Deep Creek, just a short distance away from Foggy Hill and Tapanappa Campground. Interesting phase of development. It’s a little stern but full of interest. Intriguing if not seductive. Cherry and musk stick aromas, touch of wood, some dried fruit on the palate, a little autumnal. Quite a firm, drying finish. — 11 days ago

Sam Marshmallow
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Take It To The Grave Wines

Langhorne Creek/Barossa Valley Shiraz

Great taste, nose and very easy to drink while having strong notes — 3 months ago


Limited Release Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Just out right lovely. Blueberry Raspberry and just a hint of Blueberry. Lovely lingering soft mouthfeel. — 3 months ago