Jean Michel Guillon & Fils

Jean-Michel Guillon

Les Champonnets Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2011

again another great bottle — 12 days ago

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Jean-Philip Journeault

Jean-Philip Journeault

Salut ! Si tu as un compte Facebook, viens rejoindre le groupe Capsules Vins et invite tous tes amis qui aime le vin !!!

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j'ai deactiver mon compte Facebook réel mais je suis déjà membre de ton groupe ... récemment join avec un pseudo nom avec le même prénom de notre amis à Shawi

Jean-Michel Guillon & Fils

1er Cru- La petite Chapelle Gevrey-Chambertin Pinot Noir

A lot of oak, fruit tannin, flowers, RIPE fruit. It has A LOT of everything. It works. This wine is really good, going to age for a REALLY long time. — 4 months ago

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Jean-Michel Guillon

Gevrey-Chambertin Pinot Noir

Dr Bob

Wonderful nose....explosively aromatic. Perfume and bright red fruit. Taste on par with nose, but wine was thin and a little too acidic. But definitely worth it for the olfactory experience alone!! — 4 months ago

Jean-Michel Guillon

Chambolle-Musigny Pinot Noir

2005. Still so young! What an amazing vintage this is. So fragrant, underlying spicy oak. Great structure. Village Chambolle at its best. — 2 months ago

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Jean-Michel Guillon

Les Graviers Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2016

I'll start of by saying that this is going to be a rant - one about intent and expectations. Don't get me wrong, this was a tasty wine but it got me thinking.

This entry-level Bourgogne took 3 days to uncoil itself. Extreme rubbery reduction when first opened, which pervased through the nose and palate. I tried decanting it, mind you, but to no avail. So back in bottle and fridge it went and day 2, it was the same thing. It was only at the end of day 3 when the wine starting unfurling its dark red fruits, smoky, spicy oak, cocoa, and hints of minerality in the finish. The intensity and texture's quite excellent for a Bourgogne. But really... 3 days for a Bourgogne to show itself. To me, that's way too long. In that time frame, it could have well ended up in a volatile mess.

It begs the question of intent: Did the father and son team intend to make a wine like this? Should a Bourgogne be made ready-to-drink? Should I have expected that? Perhaps this was just on the unlucky end of bottle variation. I don't know. Or maybe the question's about reduction - is it ok? Generally, I don't mind it, but there are cases like this where I would have loved to be able to enjoy the wine there and then - where was the copper coin when I needed it 🤣

NB: Third time having this producer, and I think it's just not my cup to tea. Nevertheless, Guillon's been getting quite a few rave reviews. Les Graviers comes from a vineyard just outside Chambolle. Ripe fruit, partial whole-cluster fermentation, a long maceration, and 100% new oak for aging. I guess the winemaking does give an insight on the intent of this wine 🤔 
— 4 months ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Aaron Tan i agree with your summation of the winemakers intent. Some of these village Burgundies do have some legs.

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@Aaron Tan Aaron interesting post Cheers 🍷
Aaron Tan

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@P A Thanks. Sometimes I really wonder if a wine can be considered successful if it's just plain undrinkable when first opened.

Jean-Michel Guillon

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017

Great. Hints of apple, wood, and jolly rancher. — a month ago

Jean-Michel Guillon & Fils

Les Crais Gevrey-Chambertin Pinot Noir 2015

Still not a fan of this domaine. Generally quite modern. Dark-fruited with evident oak treatment here, not dissimilar to Michael's 16' Block 5. I guess one would still call this a good wine, but simply not to my taste. I did like the subtle minerality in the wine though. — 2 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Good and critical description. I liked Guillons Marsannay very much
Aaron Tan

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@Peter van den Besselaar Multiple run-ins with Guillon but haven't enjoyed their wines yet. Will definitely try the Marsannay. How does it compare with Pataille's?

Jean-Michel Guillon

Clos des Portes Monopole Marsannay Pinot Noir

A real eyebrow raising experience… Spectacular fruit and plenty of beauty at eight years old :). Thank you Chain Bridge cellers — 6 months ago

Jean-Michel Guillon

Bourgogne Pinot Blanc

Very interesting earthy taste and smell of potato. Along with honey, and yuzu while being as dry as a good French Chardonnay — 8 months ago