István Szepsy

István Szepsy

Tokaji Furmint 2020

Dry and drinkable. — 2 months ago

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Tóth István

Egri Merlot 2006

Budapest 2019 my fav — 5 years ago

István Szepsy

Király Tokaji Harslevelu 2010

Very complex and mineral. Good acidity. It is now seven years old and it still has a very good potential. — 7 years ago

István Szepsy

hun Furmint

Enjoyed while on vacation at Wild Dunes, Feb. ‘23…staring out at the ocean! Janet really liked this one. — a year ago

Janet Stone
with Janet

István Balassa

Kvarc Betsek Hárslevelű 2015

Fruktig - Stenfrukt, päron och litchi. Nektar samt flintig mineralitet. — 7 years ago

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István Szepsy

Úrágya Tokaji Furmint 2015

Otherworldly. Neverending finish. — 4 years ago

István Balassa

Tokaji Betsek Furmint

Dry, fruitty and smokey. Lasting pleasant taste. Goes well with duck liver and magre. Very, very enjoyable. — 5 years ago

St. Thomas

Dry By Tokaj Furmint 2015

I had the pleasure of visiting the Szepsy family last fall—the time spent with them gave me insight into why the Tokaji region, famed for it's sweet wines is now transitioning to more dry-style offerings. The Dry by Tokaj, an entry level in their portfolio is the color of straw, with vivid aromas of bosc pear, lemon drop, white grapefruit, and jasmine. The region's signature minerality is more pronounced on the palate than on the nose in this bottling, one that is tangential to the focused vein of acidity coursing through the center of this outstanding Hungarian white. 13.0% ABV | Sample — 7 years ago

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