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Ariston Fils

Aspasie Cepages d'Antan Brut Champagne Blend

This is a review for Cepages d’antan since described couldn’t find it. But WOW! Super fresh, green apple and almond brioche. Really just reminds me of being in champagne, it tastes like the place! Made of rare varietals. But if you see! — a month ago

Natasha Bray
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Chenin Blanc

This wine was so special. I know chenin blanc is a bit of a risk, but I had it in mind to pair with salty Chinese food, and found this VERY price-friendly organic bottle at my favorite wine store. It had none of the overt fruitiness or oiliness that sometimes comes with CB; rather, I think it was the perfect combo of the yellow apple richness of traditional CBs expressed in a very lean, dry, tart, wildly acidic sipper with just a hint of ginger spiciness. If you’ve read this far you can see I really loved this wine. 💛 — 2 years ago


Valdegines Single Vineyard Rioja Alavesa Tempranillo 2016

In a word “Elegant,” 100% organically farmed Tempranillo from village of Laguardia, aged in barrels for nine months limiting the oak influence. Deep Ruby with aromas of dark berry fruit and subtle light spice. Palate, clean and fresh fruit flavors of cherry and sweet blackberry, very smooth with super fine velvet tannins. Long finish, complex ending bringing everything together. Outstanding about 1000 cases made. Don’t hesitate if you see a bottle. — 3 years ago

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Domaine du Chardonnay

Montmains Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay

I could drink this all day everyday. If you see it, buy it. — 3 years ago

If You See Kay

Paso Robles Red Blend

Thanks Liz & Ben, a good day drinker… a ton of fruit, I say cranberries, heavy 14.1% alcohol…lots of rimming, most experts call this, We brought this to 11/11 this afternoon to get equal analysis and was told by our personal wine expert that this style of wine is extremely popular. He is going to try to get some for us to return the favor to the Eberle’s — 4 months ago

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Torrontés 2012

Layne had this 2 years ago

Myriad Cellars

Round Pond Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Ron R

A much maligned vintage, which we don’t see in the wines that we’ve tasted.
@Martin G Rivard brought this to our attention. We really enjoy wines from the Round Pond vineyard, but never knew this existed.
The nose displays charcoal and dense black fruits. Palate is powerful with big tannins and complementary acidity. Lovely sweetness and texture on the mid -palate. This is a power play expression of a Napa cab - not for the feint of heart...
Leave this to unfurl for a few more years, if you can resist it!
Happy valentines 😍
— 3 years ago

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Laith A

Laith A

I almost pulled this wine out tonight before opting for the Lewis! Great review.. looking forward to checking it out


@Ron R Ron nice wine & pic Cheers 🍷

Loredan Gasparini

Capo di Stato Colli Trevigiani Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 1997

Back in the day a friend and I went in on 2 cases which got us a nice discount and I think we paid about $23 a btl. I was clueless back then and finished my case rather quickly. Fast forward my friend called today and said I’m having people over for dinner on Friday take a look at my inventory and let me know what you think I should serve. I was shocked to see he had almost a full case left. I told him I think this would be a great choice if it was alive. Why I say it’s always good to have great friends. He sent a bottle over for me to try. I was very happy to oblige. A pristine bottle with a great fill. When I took my first sniff , I was immediately taken by the scent of green peppercorns and earth. The flavor profile was that of currants, plums, a hint of olive, tobacco and mostly resolved tannins that combined to provide a surprisingly long finish. Simple joys!
PS, I would decant for sediment but would return it to the bottle because I found extended air time was not a friend.
— a year ago

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Nice story! So gratifying to taste an oldies still holding on strong!
Ira Schwartz

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@JKT one of the joys of the hobby , especially the inexpensive bottles.


Spot on Ira! Though I must say I don’t have much experience with EXPENSIVE oldie bottles like some of you lucky ones! Still, quite a thrill to experience histories and stories in a liquid time capsule, priceless.

Jost Vineyards

Marble Mountain Red Blend

What a delightful light red. If you close your eyes, you’re drinking a white. Soft fruit, light acidity and a sweetness that’s fresh. I had it at room temp this time but I could see putting it on ice in the summer months. — 3 years ago


Kallstadter Saumagen R Spätlese Trocken Riesling 2009

@Dominik SonaYou're the best! Walks off into the cellar, comes out carrying a massive bottle in a sleeve that could barely cover the label. I just love how ridiculous magnum riesling bottles look! I mean, we could see that it's a Koehler-Ruprecht for sure and the table shot straight to a warm vintage on the first sip (warm finish). Didn't take long for Franzi to identify the vintage and the rest of the pieces fell together subsequently (the body = spatlese, forget identifying the "R"). Guess making wines at the winery itself helps 😂

What to say about this wine? It's pretty intense, but the acidity and minerals kept it in check. Finely strung with pitch-perfect tension. This is the kind of wine that needs very little to push it over the edge into the hedonistic territory. Begs for time (like other 09's), as it's true elegance only revealed itself with air (bring on the crushed rocks and chamomile!). The nose is deep, with exotic fruit aromas, flint, toasted almond, florals, and that classic KR funk. Immense palate with lots of lychee and grapefruit, plus superb minerality with air. Creamy and long finish. Yes, the wine finishes a little warm and could be touch more focus, but it's a real class act for 09'! Power without weight, if you ask me.
— 3 years ago

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John Howard

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You know the producer is good when people you are doing harvest with from Germany race over in the wine shop to buy their wines.
Aaron Tan

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@John Howard Haha. It was more like I came by their winery to disturb their harvest. Incidentally, the KR guys do run a wine shop/import company, bringing in some Cali wines to Germany.
John Howard

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Very cool!