Hanyu Distillery

Kurayoshi Distillery

Aged 12 Years Kurayoshi Pure Malt Whisky

Catch up tasting. Liking. Similar to a Nikka — 11 days ago

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Gunja Gargeshwari

Gunja Gargeshwari

The 18 is amazing

High West Distillery

Midwinter Nights Dram Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys

Wow. Decadent. I get brown sugar and spice. Viscous. Had some heat to start but has calmed down. Surprised me at first since although 98.6 proof it’s not as high as some barrel proofs. Really nice and glad I tried. Best rye? I’m not there but it’s really good and beating the Japanese Biker’s Journey. — 24 days ago

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Shay A

Shay A Influencer Badge Premium Badge

I love this stuff. I know @Bill Bender is a fan too.
Bill Bender

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I’m a huge fan @Shay A @Norman Gennaro decadent is a good description

Macallan Distillery

Estate Single Malt Scotch Whisky

#4 I think. Estate Version. It’s very nice. Get this one — 11 days ago

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Shinshu Mars Distillery

Biker Journey 3rd Edition

This is the Mar’s Biker Journey. The nose is what I would call traditional scotch blended nose but I’m no expert on these and a real novice. I get bananas on the nose. Light wood on the flavor, relatively thin and light on the palate. It coats but nothing dominates or punches. It’s a smooth easy drinker. — 24 days ago

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Arran Distillery

Machrie Moor The Peated Arran Malt Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A lovely whiskey from the Arran distillery, happy birthday x — 23 days ago

Natalie Harper
with Natalie
Natalie Harper

Natalie Harper

Perfectly peated

Bowmore Distillery

Aged 23 Years Port Cask Matured Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

6th and final of the night. Please. Now that the pre-flight tasting is over we start the wine ;) 2nd if the peats. It’s got smoke but I have changed over the years and started to really like that. This is really good. Drink all night? No. This is a great finish to the tasting and to be clear stuck with me for a while. — 24 days ago

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The Balvenie Distillery

Single Malt Scotch Aged 21 Years PortWood Finish Whisky 1897

Fruity and just a bit smokey. White orchard fruits on the nose. Red fruits and some light cocoa on the palate. Top notch; great birthday present from my sister. — 24 days ago

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Hellyers Road Distillery

12 Years Original Single Malt Whisky

Add a splash of water and this comes alive with honey sweet at first and a bright pepper spice at the back. — 21 days ago

Lagavulin Distillery

Aged 16 Years Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A wee dram for the last night at the Hawaii house. So many great bottles shared over ten years, recorded by the bowl of corks seen in the photo. I hope the new owner doesn’t drink Napa cab here after I’m gone.. — a month ago

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