Feudo Montoni

Sicilia Grillo

Light lemon green color...lemon, lime explodes from the glass. Acidity capable of lightening your teeth. Bone dry with amazing depth and length. Works well with take-out Indian. Savory, crisp, clean... perfect patio wine. High-acid, unoaked Italian whites offer a ridiculous QPR and the average consumer knows shit-all and buys boring, insipid Pinot Grigio! — 5 days ago

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Michelle M

Michelle M

Ooh Sicily... will have to try that

Cantine Florio

Ambra Secco Dry Fine Marsala 1833

Rich, tangy, semi-sweet with strong raisin, cinnamon, and butter flavors — 6 hours ago

Masseria del Feudo

Il Giglio Sicilia IGT Inzolia Grillo 2017

Melon bubble gum, light yellow, melon, tarragon, acid is mineralogy and some tannins — 24 days ago

Mimmo Paone

Di Volà Grillo 2019

The label sets low expectations but this was very drinkable — 5 days ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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Feudo Montoni

Vigna della Timpa Grillo 2019

Straw colored with subtle floral notes. Peach and lemon flavors. Nice balanced acidity. Very enjoyable! — 10 hours ago


Terre Siciliane Bianco Grillo 2018

Pretty, deep amber color. Full bodied with a strong voice. Dry earth, clay? — a month ago

Josh Smith
with Josh

Galli Estate

Artigiano Terre Siciliane Grillo 2019

Had the 2019. Love this with a chicken dish. Soft and buttery. — a month ago

Marco De Bartoli

Vino Vecchio Samperi Perpetuo

So persistent and complex. Even refreshing (for what it is.) — 14 days ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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Marco De Bartoli

Grappoli del Grillo 2018

Quite fond of Marco De Bartoli's entry-level Grillo, but this was a definite step up. Highly aromatic with white flowers, lemon, and rocks on the nose. Peach and nutty notes emerge on the palate along with salty minerality. Well-structured and nicely balanced with M+ body and M/M+ acidity. I feel like I say this a lot, but this wine definitely had some Burgundian character. Purchased at Popina in Brooklyn, NY. — 19 days ago

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Masseria del Feudo

Sicilia IGT Grillo 2017

One of the best white wines in a long time! Slightly sulfuric, sweet and spicy. — a month ago