Grassroots Brewing

Fedellos Do Couto

Conasbrancas Ribeira Sacra White Blend

Grassroots. One of the favorites. The blend is superb. Volume as in Chardonnay. A little buttery. Round On pallets. A balanced sweetness. Holds with shrimp and most dishes. — 3 years ago

Jean-Claude Chanudet

La Cuvée du Chat Beaujolais-Villages Gamay

It's become a grassroots staple — 7 years ago

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Grassroots Brewing

Convivial Suaréz Farmstead Ale

Christopher Bates

Really well made! — 7 years ago

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Wheat Is The New Hops IPA

Another fine Mikkeler offering, smooth rocks with charcoal infused lemonade cascading, and a hint of hippie girl aroma. Champagne mouthfeel, with hempseed, old white pepper, cotton and free dog biscuit. Happy as a wet homeless mutt!! — 8 years ago

Grassroots Brewing

Brother Soigné

Brett is informing a ridiculously clean pickled apricot that is ethereal at best. But what an entry!l. Like basil in a box on a rainy day. Puzzle pieces. The palate pushes back with immediacy! Lemon grass. Lemon peel, jalapeño jellybean, pepper overwhelming orange, micro-orange, teardrop tomato, creamy pine with a fleur de sel touch. Indelible as a profound thought! #funkytown #bretty #brettomyces #farmstead #lime #dankbeer — 6 years ago


La Hollera Tenerife Red Blend

Canary Islands, volcanic glass = planted in fox holes; had at grassroots portfolio show (Lula Drake)

Medium body, peppery and smoky
— 6 years ago


Indica Mendocino County Carignan Rosé 2016

Taaaaaaaarrrt and tasty! Thanks to @Ben Sharkey and Grassroots for this one. Should make some hotel guests very happy — 6 years ago

Domaine du Viking

Cuvée Aurélie Vouvray Chenin Blanc 1999

Marie Stitt

In Alabama with the grassroots team. Stunning. — 7 years ago

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