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Empire Builder New York Cabernet Franc 2016

Delightfully bright fruit on the nose, and a bright red color that reminds me of stawberry jam. Smooth and dark, with a medium bodied yet deep flavor that isn't overbearing. Wish there was a tad more depth on the finish, but overall I like this one. — 2 years ago


Entre Nous Pinot Noir

Dry and smooth. Drank at Gotham restaurant with Brandon/Yoon — 4 years ago

Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey

Les Genevrières Meursault 1er Cru Chardonnay 2011

Drinking with Darren and girls at Gotham May 10 — 5 years ago

Gotham Project

Ateliers Raspail Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2014

24 July 2016. 🍕❤E², Brooklyn, NY. — 6 years ago

Mayacamas Vineyards

Napa Valley Late Harvest Zinfandel 1976

An amazing wine list at Gotham Bar and Grill. And then this gem found with the sommelier’s help. Wow! Still has fruit on the first taste. Raisin and wet forest floor. 43 year old Napa wines, that are structured properly from the beginning continue to keep California on the world stage. Amazing finale to a great wine wine evening. The nose does not do the taste justice. — 3 years ago

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El Rede Mendoza Malbec

Rrrrl juicy, red fruit, trying to remember the name of that gummi strawberry candy it reminds me of — 6 years ago


Oakville Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2014

I don’t see this available very often, so when you see it on the wine list, you grab it! (A shout out to the sommelier at Gotham Bar and Grill. He has elevated his list with some fantastic selections.) Feels great across the tongue as you taste more blackberry than blueberry. Dark and sexy. — 3 years ago

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Yes that wine is sexy

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Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz

Great wine with oakey and cherry flavour! Recommend to people who like crisp full bodied red wines.
(*Says that it is the shiraz, but the bottle says it's a Cabernet Sauvignon that I drank from.)
— 4 years ago