La Morella

La Corte Dei Merli Freisa

Great complex juicy wine. Summery. LJ: “skipping kid trips on asphalt, skins knee, spills raspberry sorbet — 4 hours ago

Scarpa (Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa)

La Selva di Moirano Monferrato Freisa 2006

Starts out reticent, and without fruit. Lots of leather, earth, tar and some fruit leather. The fruit grows and becomes like a plum coulis, maybe strawberry balsamic jam, but never becomes really fruity. The nose is sweet, but the palate is not. Mint and baking spice come out on the nose. Tannins need to be mentioned here, they are there in every sip. Really long and "rustic" tannins. This needs to be drunk with food. By the time it opened up, my food was gone. Really powerful nose, purple flowers are coming on, violets and even lillies. Good acids. Dark purple color, darker than most examples of its relative Nebbiolo.
— 3 months ago

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Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

I need to find some of this.
Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

@Chris Shultz excellent pairing choices
Chris Shultz

Chris Shultz

@Andrew Schirmer there are always a few bottles kicking around on the internet wine shelves’ dusty corners

G.D. Vajra

Kyè Langhe Freisa 2015


Delightfully full bodied and ready to drink. 2015 is a favorite. Thank you #vajra — 4 months ago


Langhe Freisa Vivace 2017

Had this with a well-seasoned putanesca, the olive aromas with some smoke, violet and high tone red fruit were a delightful echo of Freisa's cousin Nebbiolo and a perfect counter for the fresh boldness of the putanesca. I hate to compare the bottle-fermented racy fizz to Lambrusco... A good dry one, perhaps, would find similar pairings. The tannins are present without being too aggressive, a nice underlining push beyond the zesty introduction. Wish I had bought a few bottles. — 24 days ago

Claudio Mariotto

Braghe da uve di freisa 2016


Really lovely expression of Freisa. Incredibly fresh but with really attractive earthy, smoky element to the black/sour cherry fruit. Best served with a slight chill on a warm day. — 2 months ago

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Luigi Giordano

Langhe Freisa 2015

Digging it a lot. May be the summer wine of 2020 — 3 months ago

Wonderwerk Co.

Enzo Pet Nat Freisa

One of my favorite Lambrusco’s. Super dry and perfect for a mid summer day. — 2 days ago

G.D. Vajra

Langhe Rosso Nebbiolo Blend 2018

Ha, hadn’t realized when I bought it it was predominantly dolcetto. In any case, I liked its young cherry character for a change, and tannins were a bit stout. Paired well with marinated portabello mushrooms. Inexpensive option for quality Italian red wine, I thought. — a month ago

Vicki Sliwa
with Vicki
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Ca' del Prete-Giorgio Ferrero

Freisa d'Asti Superiore 2015

This freisa wins the competition between all of the non nebbiolo varietals we tried side-by-side: ruche, grignolino, dolcetto, etc. — 3 months ago

Benevelli Piero

Langhe Freisa 2018

Strawberries, earthy, herby. Slightly effervescent.  — 4 months ago

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