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Reserve Series Vin de France 2020

Yeah I know Peeps a wine from Walmart. I did read a review that this one was pretty decent; allowed a bottle to follow..along with the kitty food! 🐈 I am humbled to report..this is good! Nice medium bodied, melon, tangerine, strawberry, lime and minerals. Bottle does not indicate but does remind me of a Provence Rosé. @Sharon B you would like this! Nice with a few years on this Not Tempier..under $10!
My son in Indy sent a pic of his gas purchase...I want to send him a sympathy card! 🙄
— 22 days ago

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Sharon B

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@Dawn E. I’ll have to look for it if you’re recommending it! Gas is ridiculous! 😡


@Dawn E. If you can save some money 💰, why not? Sounds like a good wine. 🍷 Agreed the fuel cost is astronomical!

Joh. Jos. Prüm

Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Riesling 2003

One HOT 🔥 Auslese

Extreme heat and drought marked the 2003 vintage in the Mosel and protecting against overripeness and maintaining acidity were the two major concerns for winemakers

Served the bottle with the Vinloq System
👃Honey, honeysuckle, pineapple, apple and pear
👅Delicious peach, pear and tropical fruits were accompanied by light petrol and slatey minerality. This is long. It finishes sweet, fruity and floral
Needs just a touch more acidity to deliver the home run but this is a delicious triple ⚾️

The remaining wine was Slow Decanted in my refrigerator

DAY 18
👃More petrol tonight with stone fruits & honeysuckle
👅Honeyed peach and pineapple with a touch of caramel. Dense & juicy with the sweet & persistent smoky fruits going on and on… This is dessert 👍

Should provide many years of drinking pleasure. Well managed vintage for this consistently great wine🥂

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— 19 days ago

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Pacific Rim Winemakers

Silver Totem Columbia Valley Red Blend

Nice smooth wine - even good on day 3. — 23 days ago

Tikveš Winery

Special Selection Tikveš Vranec 2016

Wow. Hard to express the tanins and plums. — 25 days ago

The Winemakers Studio at Wente Vineyards

Artisan Red Blend 2015

Meritage 2018. Smooth and velvety. — a month ago


Cantina S. Cassiano Riserva Barbaresco Nebbiolo 1967

1967; 3H Decant.

Nose has dried roses, tar, dried orange peel, dried Bing cherries, wet leather, moist leaves and shaved dark chocolate.

Palate has dehydrated tart cherry, dried orange zest, moist garden soil, sweet cherry notes, medium tannins and light acidity remains.

Evolving and expanding with each sip, complex flavors continue to reveal, not slowing down at all.

A truly exceptional bottle of wine. Made by Beppe Coppa, one of the greatest Lange winemakers. A powerful vintage according to my trusted source on old Italian wine.
— a month ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Pooneet K @Ron R We try to open the classy stuff now and then, can't appreciate a bottle that still has a cork in it.
Doug Powers

Doug Powers

Great pull!!

Anthill Farms

Campbell Ranch Vineyard Syrah 2018

True cool site Sonoma coast Syrah in the hands of talented winemakers is criminally underrated. Delicious first night, falls apart overnight in the fridge. Beware. — 9 days ago

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Friuli Isonzo Pinot Nero 2015

Bressan. Nine generations of winemakers. Respect.

Very good pinot noir, wait, pinot nero. Herbs or green tea, spicy finish (pepper), some sweet fruity hints.
— 20 days ago


Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Sangiovese 2016

Tim L

Much better than my last rating of this wine…Nobile …100% Sangiovese, but soft palate with recognized classic character in this vino…fine to elegant with great taste, medium-full bodied, berries deep and dark…dry balanced vino. Drink again! Great winemakers…Avignonesi! — a month ago

Su. Na. Wi.

Lampo Gropello 2020

Su. Na. Wi. = Super Natural Wines

The unmistakable philosophy aside, this comes from a little winery in Northern Italy that's owned by a friend in KL along with his Italian mates. So when the said friend describes this as an interesting red with heaps of balsamic notes, you can be sure he’s spot on. The Lampo was an oddly pleasant savoury red - made of 100% Gropello, it had tons of seaweed flavour with balsamic and soy sauce accents. Crunchy acidity made this flow down the wine hole way too easily. Could use more fruit, but it may just have needed more air to express itself.
— a month ago

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