Weingut Fürst

Mosel Trocken Elbling

Fun für alle — 16 days ago

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Jorge Salgado

Jorge Salgado

Yay you loved it too!

Weingut Stephan Steinmetz

Elbling 2017

Moores. 2017. $19. Nice fresh young wine. — 2 years ago

Matthias Hild

Sekt Elbling

Solid. Good for a weekday. Not amazing. — a month ago

Weingut Schloss Proschwitz

Sachsen Trocken Elbling 2015

Smooth, complex, not too sweet. Lovely honey notes. — a year ago

Matthias Hild

Zehnkommanull Trocken Elbling 2013

Mineral driven dryness, light acidity, very low sugar. Notable difference between the standard bottling and this version, the Zehnkommanull. It can rest easy for several more years. Upper Mosel, land of limestone, and Ebling.
(This is the 10% version.)
— 3 years ago

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Matthias Hild

Trocken Elbling

Great with chicken dinner — 2 months ago

L & R Kox

Cotes de Remich Elbling 2018

Elbling is great. You must obey — 3 months ago

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Markus Molitor

P Pinot Blanc 2016

I think this is the first non-Riesling (or Elbling) Mosel I've tried. Delicious! — 2 years ago

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Weingut Johann Peter Reinert

Igeler trocken Elbling 2016

Moores. 2016. $14 on special. My favorite wine under $15. — 3 years ago