E. Pira & Figli (chiara Boschis)

E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Mosconi Barolo Nebbiolo 2015

Lots of concentration but not ready to drink for at least 10 years — a month ago

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E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo 1974

Seth Morgen Long

For its age, this was as clean and fresh as it one could hope. Floral, tarry, soft and wide open. Gracious, clean, engaging. — 9 months ago

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E. Pira & Figli

Barolo Nebbiolo 1994

Floral and feminine but excellent structure. This is a wine made with kindness, and you can taste it. Exceptional. — 4 years ago

Roagna Stefano e Figli

La Rocca e La Pira Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo 1996

Riper than I expected for 1996, but in excellent condition with a lot of texture. — 6 years ago

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E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Langhe Nebbiolo 2015

Best young Barolo I’ve had in a long time while ticking all the requisite boxes: tar, check; roses, check; supple red fruit, you bet. Want to see how this ages, but for now a true PnP. — a month ago

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E. Pira & Figli

Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo 1964

This was showing beautifully. So much fruit for the age, and the color still intense. Decanted immediately after arriving at The Palm, and it continued to sing through the meal. — 10 months ago

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E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Barolo Nebbiolo 2010

Kim Colonna

When a woman makes wine !! Floral, fruity, almost silky .. Firm tanins, a great wine. — 5 years ago

E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Via Nuova Barolo Nebbiolo 2013


Took a while to come around but that black licorice finally started to show. Funny enough I don’t like the candy form but love the wine version. — 3 months ago

with Jeni
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E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Dolcetto d'Alba 2013

Screw water, I could drink this all day. — 4 years ago

Daniel Stickler
with Daniel

E. Pira & Figli (Chiara Boschis)

Cannubi Barolo Nebbiolo 2010

Excellent. Oak taste is stronger on the 2001 today than the 2010, huge improvement over those years for me. Very enjoyable even this young. — 5 years ago

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