Domaine Lignères

Domaine Lignères

Grenache 2015

Great for turning non orange winos into orange winos — a year ago

Jamie Irving
with Jamie

Domaine Lignères

La Baronne La Roussanne de Jean No1 2011

念願のナジャへ。終電で塚口へ。 — 6 years ago

Sana UedaHidemi Domoto
with Sana and Hidemi

Domaine Lignères

Notre Dame Corbières Syrah 2002

Lovely Syrah for a chilly almost-winter night. A great surprise from our cellar! — 6 years ago

Domaine Lignères

La Baronne Les Vals Roussanne 2013

Tropical but precise. — 3 years ago

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Domaine Lignères

Aric Corbières 2003

Ed Thralls

Charcuterie & smoked meats rolled in blackberry funkness — 6 years ago

Rachel Voorhees
with Rachel

Domaine Lignères & Lathenay

Minervois Red Blend


— 3 years ago

Domaine Lignères

Las Vals Roussanne 2010

Une très belle découverte à suivre . Plein de soleil — 5 years ago

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