Domaine Chavy Chouet

Domaine Chavy-Chouet

Les Genévrières Meursault 1er Cru Chardonnay 2013

Lyle Fass

Nose is like 45-50% pre moxed. See that color? Palate is good. Rich, complex and deep. Nose has some minerals, lime zest, and real depth but the almond:sherry thing is also there. This is half premoxed. Still drinkable but not in an ideal state. — a month ago

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Aravind Asok

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Prem-ox from a '13 Meursault is troubling. Do you know anything about why that might be the case chez Chavy-Chouet?
Lyle Fass

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@Aravind Asok no idea. But he changed his whole regimen in 16 and the wines are sick from 16 on. I’ve seen many premoxed 13/14/12/11’s etc on the White burg pre mox wiki so not that unusual.

Domaine Chavy-Chouet

La Taupe Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir 2018

Young I know but it’s balanced! Broad shouldered in a good way and a nice qpr to boot. — 2 months ago

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Domaine Chavy-Chouet

Clos des Corvees des Citeaux Meursault Chardonnay 2017

Very sharp and delineated, even for a young wine. — 3 months ago

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with Marc and Bruce

Domaine Alain Chavy

Les Folatières Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay 2011

Fantastique. Easily one of the best white Burgundies I’ve had (of hundreds). Mature, but still fresh and aromatic. Barrel contribution is mild, smooth and extremely additive. Very smooth. — 8 days ago

Jean-Louis Chavy

Les Folatières Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay 2016

Ron R

When you’re in the smoke (London), white burgs are front and center. @David L, @Bill Bender, @Shay A, @Mike R, @Joe Lucca, @Carl Fischer, @Eric LaMasters, and @Shawn R would wet their pants over this. Killer expression of burg. Regal, pristine and focused. Extends and expands on the palate. Head-spinning presentation - Chelsea, London. — 3 months ago

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Ryan Vento

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A good ol’ pant wetter

Domaine Alain Chavy

Les Charmes Puligny-Montrachet Chardonnay 2017

Awesome single vineyard montrachet — 8 days ago

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Jean-Louis Chavy

Puligny-Montrachet Chardonnay 2014

Split verdict on this one - found it perfectly fine but unremarkable- couldn’t tell it from one of J’s burgs...but she says it’s better, better “mouthfeel” — a month ago

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Domaine Alain Chavy

Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2017

Rich but clean acidity to balance out. Simple without being boring, delivers for the price and great with roasted chicken — a month ago