'Tenth Degree' Ginjo Sake

Dry and delicious — 8 days ago


Tobiroku Ginjo Sparkling

Sparkling Sake! Lovely and lively, pairs wonderfully with eel. — 2 years ago

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Dewasansan Namagenshu Junmai Ginjo

Pears, pears, pears, subacid pome fruit. White tea and white grapes, candy fruit esthers, and cocoa! Serious hint of bittersweet chocolate aroma. Really beautiful body with round umami and a little residual sugar in this unfiltered sake. — 3 years ago

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Dewazakura Sake Brewery Co. Ltd

Dewanosato Sake

Dewazakura is my favorite Sake brand. I am so happy to have found it locally, especially with all the other local brewers competing for shelf space. — 5 years ago


Tobiroku Sake


First encounter with sparkling sake at Senyu near UH with Willie. Omakase and excellent. Sake very dry but paired nicely with the variety offered. Bubbles effective as palate cleanser! — 3 years ago

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Dewasansan Nama Junmai Ginjo Sake

Special dinner at Wynn LV. — 5 years ago


Oka Ginjo Shu Sake

Little heavy on the alcohol to me. — 10 months ago

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Sarasara Nigori Ginjo

Delicious subtle nigori. — 2 years ago

Cody LaRocque
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Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Nice dry floral Bouquet with a touch of cherries & sunshine! Cedar infused flavor. — 3 years ago

Suzanne Deal Booth
with Suzanne