Madeira Terrantez 1988

Whoopsies forgot to take a picture of the bottle at the tasting so yay handy booklets I took notes in to the rescue. Thirty-one years in French oak! Almost vanilla paste, vanilla flower and candied white currant nose. Coffee, caramelized nuts, candied orange peel, and fresh lemon rind on the palate with cutting acid. All this courses through the finish but with toast. Gimme some more. — 2 months ago

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Reserva Madeira Malvazia 1990

Juicy caramel toffee nutmeg. Yum. — 8 months ago

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Madeira Tinta Negra 1929

Mind blowing. Mint, maple, salt taffy, earth, time travel — 5 years ago

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Vintage Madeira Verdelho 1973

Downright stunning. Searing acidity and a minute long finish. — 2 months ago

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Madeira Boal 1984

Side by side to pair with Foie & Waffles — 8 months ago

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Colheita Madeira Malvazia 1996

Rich and with very good acidity, caramel, brown butter and raisin. — 5 years ago


Vintage Madeira Boal 1968

Tasted next to the 12 year malmsey. Great display/contrast of acidity expression on aged Madeira. — 6 years ago


Reserva Madeira Bastardo 1927

Bastardo! The rarest of the Madeira grapes! — 3 months ago

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Madeira Verdelho 1994

Perfect finish! 94 Side by side — 4 months ago

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Vintage Madeira Sercial 1937

A gorgeous nutty, sherried nose. So complex and intense with great length and freshness. Lovely — 9 months ago

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