Vintage Madeira Sercial 1969

Woodstock baby — 8 days ago

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Vintage Madeira Terrantez 1973

Burnt carmel, nuts, concentrated, with verve. A real treat. — 3 months ago

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Madeira Tinta Negra 1929

Mind blowing. Mint, maple, salt taffy, earth, time travel — 3 years ago

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Aged 5 Years Medium Sweet Madeira

Nutty roasted nose. 19% zippy acidity, nice long finish. Fucking adult koolaid.
Frank: "ropey"
— 5 years ago

Frank Freeman
with Frank


Reserva Madeira Malvazia 1901

Smells like a new Madeira and tastes like a Madeira that has the sweetness removed, nutty finish with a basket of raspberries. Excellent. — 18 days ago


Colheita Madeira Malvazia 1996

Rich and with very good acidity, caramel, brown butter and raisin. — 3 years ago


Reserva Madeira Malvasia 1900

Gloriously smooth and balanced. Stewed prunes, fruit cake and spices. Fascinating acidity of citrus zest, lemon oil. The perfect sweetness to balance the acidity on this. Lots of extra flavors bounce around on the thrilling finish which borders on refreshing somehow. — 4 years ago

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Vintage Madeira Boal 1903

After party where these btls were left on the table to enjoy — 3 months ago

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Madeira Verdelho 1912

This is spectacular. Deep caramel and Sherry notes. Complex as hell: brown sugar, hazelnuts, candied orange, toasted notes. Rich and soulful with a dazzling streak of acidity. Wow. — 3 months ago

Bex Green
with Bex
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Aged 15 Years Medium Sweet Madeira Tinta Negra Mole

15 year medium sweet. 10% bual, 90% tinto negra. Enjoyable entry level Madeira. — 5 years ago

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