Communion Cellars


Tawny Porto Port Blend

The ultimate communion wine — a year ago


Red Slightly Sweet Barbera Concord

Tastes like Welch’s grape juice! Reminds me of communion. Tastes better cold than at room temperature. — 2 years ago

Communion Cellars

Hirschy Vineyard Pinot Noir

Ryan A

Everything an Oregon Pinot should be. Light, fruity, and earthy. Would definitely add it to my go to list. — 4 years ago


Cielo Rojo Mendoza Red Blend 2018

A bright refreshing wine, nothing pretentious. Notes of tour de Franzia and my first communion. Echoes of assumed sophistication on the foretaste with a strong finish of forgotten French class. Would defo drink again and think it was the first time. — 2 months ago

Jana Everett
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Pine Ridge Vineyards

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc-Viognier Blend 2017

Served as our house wine at Calvin’s First Communion. Delightful peach and honey notes. Light floral bouquet and a steal at $10 per bottle at BJs! — a year ago

Louis Roederer

Cristal Brut Champagne Chardonnay Pinot Noir Blend 2009

Wellll this is my second favorite of the Champagnes I just got schooled in as part of the effervescence LA event I’m lucky enough to be attending for @Delectable Wine ! It is also Geoff Kruth’s first pick. What can I say... it is classic. Elegant. Toast and almost caramel on the nose. It reminds me of a toasty communion bread dipped in perfect church grape juice and I know that sounds basic but this is like...magical communion. I’d commune with it all day. — 2 years ago

Shaughn Buchholz
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Ellen Clifford

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@Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher alas! Well if you can get your hands on some newer’s worth it
Norman Gennaro

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Want to hear about the Bollinger
Ellen Clifford

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@Norman Gennaro i should add a post for it too—it’ll definitely be in my write-up

Mogen David


Nice sweet Passover communion tasting wine — 9 months ago


Jeio Brut Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore

Pre-fastfood-pairing: citrus fun on the nose. Plush AF bubbles. I’m impressed. The Valdobbiadene Prosecco wines level up. Dried apricot and a hint of white wonder bread (in the best possible way I never had that as a kid except at communion—do I see religion in this wine?) and a..,well the texture hangs with me.
Update: does well with hash browns as bubbles and fried things are friends. And eggs and cheese. And the latent sweetness of an English muffin. Woot, etc
— a year ago

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Vino Rosso Red Blend 2015

Lose the pretension. Grab some food, red wine, and enjoy the communion of friends. RIP — 2 years ago

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