Trail Marker Wine Co.

Bartolomei Vineyard Rosé of Carignan 2018

The diversity of wines “Made in California” is astounding especially up the coastal area’s of and in the Sierra foothills close to Sacramento. Very nice Rose unfiltered. Lime and red currants - fresh and bright. — 17 days ago

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Martha Stoumen

Venturi Vineyard Carignan

Lithe, but with expressive terroir. Yum — 4 days ago

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Villa Creek

Paso Robles Carignan 2009

Cherry, slightly sweet, dark red fruit, a little rich. Pepper throughout. Slightly smoky. Long red fruit finish. Drank for Thanksgiving at home. Elissa bought for me as a gift several years ago. She thought it was a little too rich, which I get but I liked it. — 17 days ago

Elissa Baker
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Carrie Anne Sumner

Chromasoma Carignan Schiste 2017

New to me... on the beefier end of reds from my point of view but still light; bit of agriculture on the nose but then really wonderful balance and length, very accomplished. Making me feel all Christmassy, because fuck spice. — 5 hours ago

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Vin de Table Francais Carignan

Dark fruits. Concentrated grape. Almost like sherry/Madeira. Perfect for winter. So complex. Tannins disappeared after 30. — 3 days ago

Alex cho
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Denner Vineyards

The Sacred Burro Willow Creek District Carignan 2015

A departure for Thanksgiving. Gritty, berry forward with cranberry meets blackberry bonanza. — 17 days ago

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Bedrock Wine Co.

Ode to Lulu California Old Vine Rosé Mourvèdre Blend 2018

Mataro fun that conjures Bandol! Tropical fruits and flowers peek like a sassy petticoat out from under sleek stones, stone fruits and saucy red berries all with a lean bite. I love it. — 18 hours ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Its the red, but I didn’t chance it. Not to familiar with it, its been awhile since my last new world big Cabernet so I went with the caterwaul
Ellen Clifford

Ellen Clifford Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@Paul T- Huntington Beach i am very intrigued by the Caterwaul. Both for cat reasons and because your description sounds great. May have to see what up at k&l
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Parkers description not mine, I basically just say yeah or nea. But a Thomas Rivers Brown Cabernet at $50.00, gotta try i it.
Regusci is $99.00 I think


Evangelho Vineyard Carignan 2017

Clear deep red-violet Boysenberry on sight

Clean sandy berry aroma

Dry, med+ acidity, fine tannin, lighter side of medium body, red fruit and dark berry in the finish. Delicious now, could age. Needs a nice decant, great to watch evolve in glass too (air wakes up the tannins and elevates the red fruit notes)

Hooray and Keep up the good work 140+ yr old vines!
— 8 days ago

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Populis Wine

Reversée Mendocino County Carignane

gf sb

Carignane from California with really interesting tanins to me. Fairly light but a nice gummy ness — a day ago

Broc Cellars

Alexander Valley Carignan

Unusual. This wine hits the right note and is perfectly balance. Red fruit dominates the mid palette. — 23 days ago

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Kyle Harvey

Kyle Harvey

Carignan in talented hands (ie hands off) is a thing of beauty