Campo De Borja

Bodegas Alto Moncayo

Campo de Borja Garnacha 2016

I can almost chew this wine its so big and bold! This is Campo de Borja 2016 Alto Moncayo. The color is deep Burgundy. The legs are slow and thick. The bouquet, fields of lavendar and lilac. The initial palate is amazing!!!!! Huge blackberry, boysenberry and raspberry. Then there is a small hint of cherry in the background somewhere. You can tell these vines are really old. The mid palate is phenomenal. Spice and vanilla- yum! Lots of oak and earth. The thickness reminds me of a juicy filet mignon. The finish is dry and lingering with the feel of butter left behind. Time to serve with dinner:
Filet mignon, baked potato, mustard greens, and a french baguette. Happy St. Valentine’s day to me!!!!!!!
— 6 days ago

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Great wine

Campo Viejo

Rioja Garnacha 2017

Very good wine. Not too grape-y. Dark fruits throughout. Smooth crisp drinking.
Bit high on alcohol on finish towards end
— 5 hours ago

Il Valentiano

Campo di Marzo Rosso di Montalcino Sangiovese 2016

This wine is a beautiful Sangiovese, dark and smelling of cherries soaked in vanilla, spices - the whole rack - and leathery tobacco pouch. The mouthfeel is lively and tannic, with cherry and plum flavors on the palate. A a savory aspect goes hand in hand with the fruit, earthy and brawny. I'll have it with a Bolognese dish, or steak. — 21 days ago

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Bodegas Alto Moncayo

Veraton Campo de Borja Garnacha

This is beautiful and juicy. Lots of texture and ripe purple fruit. What a treat. I could drink this again and again and again. Paired it with a nice mozzarella in carrozza for Valentine’s Day and I’m swooning. My wife’s okay too. — 6 days ago

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Bodegas Borsao

Tres Picos Campo de Borja Garnacha 2012

Surf and turf at the Reid House. — 10 days ago

La Cappuccina

Campo Buri Carmenere Oseleta

Haven’t drank yet, organic 2-17-19 2013 ABC BEACH — 3 days ago

Bodegas Alto Moncayo

Aquilon Campo de Borja Garnacha 2006

Deep dark ruby in color, with prunes, stewed plums, and blackberry compote primary aromas; with moist earth, vanilla pod, and cacao coming through second. Very earthy on the palate; potting clay, wrought iron, and dust along with smoke and tobacco. Acidity is still amazing! Tannins are present and husky but on the mellow side, like in baking chocolate. Long savory finish. Invokes sighs of satisfaction and fulfillment! — 2 months ago

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Bodegas Aragonesas

Fagus de Cotos de Hayas Seleccion Especial Campo de Borja Garnacha 2013

Started our evening off right with this gem. Well blended hints of raisin and plum wrapped in deeper smoky tones. A solid full flavored hit right from the bottle, but which kleenex up after 30 minutes or so. A steal at $15, but a shame we only had one bottle on hand. — 2 days ago

Campo Viejo

Reserva Rioja Tempranillo 2013

Color of light purple with a bit brown hue. Nose of strawberry vanilla, cherry jam, and a bit peppery. Taste is clean with flavors, with refreshing berries, cherry jam, solid tannins, subtle acidity, and some more cherry. Aftertaste of some more zest. Clean and tasty. Good price too. — 23 days ago

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