Côtes De Grandlieu, Pays Nantais

Domaine de l'Aujardière (Eric Chevalier)

Le Clos de la Butte Muscadet Côtes de Grand Lieu Melon de Bourgogne 2018

John Howard

Banana peel, mineral, citrus, quince, saline, mild florals. Both creamy and acidic. So good. — 18 days ago

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Rhonely Boy

Rhonely Boy

Everyone needs a lil Butte on Friday night 😄 haha
John Howard

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@Rhonely Boy hahaha totally.

Domaine des Herbauges

Le Legendaire Muscadet-Côtes de Grandlieu Vieilles Vignes Melon de Bourgogne

Holy crap. I'd peg this for an older, higher acid Alsace PG. Rich honey chamomile and fuzzy peach on the nose. Saline as a Chablis on the palate. Yum! — 4 years ago

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Domaine du Haut Bourg

Muscadet-Côtes de Grandlieu Sur Lie Melon de Bourgogne 2018

An expressive and very energetic Muscadet with green pear & white flowers but mainly wet pebbles on the ocean beach, crushed seashells and fresh salinity. You almost hear the seagulls.
On the palate vibrant and with great depth & purity. This is a great wine with real character. And cheap as chips!
— 10 months ago

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Domaine des Herbauges

Collection Plaisir Muscadet-Côtes de Grandlieu Sur Lie Melon de Bourgogne 2013

@Liz Hunter I just redownloaded this! Hi! Try this. I don't do white. But I did this. — 4 years ago

Château de la Pierre

Muscadet-Côtes de Grandlieu Melon de Bourgogne 2017

Fruity and spicy. Excellent value for money. — a year ago

Domaine des Herbauges

Manoir des Herbauges Vieilles Vignes Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu Melon de Bourgogne

Great wine for chugging in the middle of a mid life crisis. 😂😂😂😂Very easy to drink and very bubbly like soda but not too sweet. Great composition, notes of citrus and white flowers — 3 years ago