Côtes Catalanes, Roussillon

Le Douleur Exquise

Côtes Catalanes French Red Blend 2019

Full body, tannic , blackberry and plum on palate — 10 days ago

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Domaine Lafage

Miraflors Rosé Blend

I am just starting to try Roses. This one is special. Delicate fruit taste. Well balanced. Would love to try prior vintages. — 21 days ago

Domaine de Majas

L'Amourouse Côtes Catalanes Rosé Blend 2019

my second majas.
their rough was a great surprise.

50% syrah & 50% Merlot.

very candy like with no sweetness.

a balanced medium +body workhorse.

good vfm (89 nis)
— a month ago

Domaine Treloar

Tahi Côtes du Roussillon Syrah Blend 2013

Rustic Roussillon with bottle age, very good with fire pit steak — 25 days ago


Côtes Catalanes Grenache Syrah 2015

Loved it. Light enough for everyday, but solid enough for a dinner party pairing. Absolutely excellent, balanced and full of flavor. — 12 days ago

Château Saint-Roch

Chimères Cotes du Roussillon Villages Grenache Blend 2006


Randomly found. GL 16 back then. WA92. Nice surprise of a matured and rounded power wine in youth. Dark garnet color, complex floral nose and silky palate and mouth feel with plum and savory herbal notes. Hope not last one. 60/30/10 Grenache Syrah Carignan. 1,200 cases. — 16 days ago

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Cuvée Chevaliere du Clos

Côtes du Roussillon Grenache Blend 2015

Last Drop Bottle Shop, $16

Pretty funky on opening, after breathing for awhile the funk turned into cumin/curry spice covered cherry. Some of the most spice I've ever had in a wine while still being fruity and not too dry like most bordeaux I've had. Thick and velvety with solid tannins and I nice balanced slightly acidic finish. Incredible especially considering the price, I'm going back and buying the rest of the bottles they have left!
— 12 days ago