Butler Winery

The Wine Butler

I Wish I Was A Ninja Red Blend

Great pet nat. Fantastic. — 3 months ago

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Butler Pond

California Pinot Noir

It’s a good solid Pinot. I would drink again. Went amazing with pork shoulder — 7 months ago

Butler Winery

Red Select Red Blend

A nice light, dry red blend perfect for a relaxing evening — 2 years ago

Butler Nephew and Co

10 Year Old Port Blend

Hint of caramel/tawnyness to it. Very good. — 2 years ago

Château des Graves

Graves Vignobles de Butler 2018

Great white wine with notes of white peach, orange zest, and white flower. Well balanced delicious wine! — 3 months ago

Jean Francois Jacouton

Condrieu Viognier 2017

Small unknown Rhône producer.

Maybe the most delicious dry wine I’ve ever had. That does not mean the best. It’s very good. But the most delicious.

Nose is balanced tropical fruit and some floral elements. Nice. As it opens (45 minutes) tropical fruit perfume. Pure Amazon jungle.

The palate is sick. The most perfect elegant tropical fruit cocktail ever. A touch of honey. Not overblown. Just perfect. You could drink an entire bottle in about 5 minutes. So good. Juicy and delicious. Not super mineral. Lovely texture. Announces its presence in a clear yet unobtrusive way. Like an English butler.

Finish is lovely tropical fruit. Long. Juicy. Echoes of large stone minerality. Maybe some nuttiness.

Bought from fass selections.

— 9 months ago

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Lyle Fass

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Isn’t incredible?

Butler Vineyards

Indiana Uplands Chambourcin Rosé 2017

Mild mild aroma of strawberry and raspberries. Mild strawberry and peach in the middle. Then a flash of sweet cherries at the end. — 2 years ago

Bevan Cellars

Sugarloaf Mountain Proprietary Red Blend

Perfect pair for Heat win Game 5
Both wines showed very well- almost as good as Jimmy Butler
— 6 months ago

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Butler & Thief Wine Cellars

Lodi Vermentino 2018

Can taste citrus fruit like pineapple. Drank with a fruit bowl dessert and went perfectly. Also good for just drinking without food. Chill this and it’s better. — 8 months ago

Butler Hill

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Enjoyed on July 5, 2019. Crisp. 2017 vintage — 2 years ago