Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Paired with Tomahawk Steaks. WOTN β€” 2 months ago

Liz GreshamCraig Sedmak
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Yum 🍷


Hyde Vineyard Merlot

2014 Buccella Merlot for Cab drinkers. β€” 5 months ago

Julie PetersonApril LoveJeff Griffin
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Julie Peterson

Julie Peterson

I like the pretty seal on the bottle!

The Vineyardist

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

@David L Thanks bud for the incredible hookup! I've never had this wine. It's a stunning 2010 which is a vintage that I do. It have a lot of. Pop and poured and am letting evolve in the glass. I'll revisit my notes at the end of the night. Right off the bat......,this is better than the 06 Buccella that we had the other night. A little tight but a freakishly long finish. Big lush mouthfeel., some tannins that I think will integrate over time and beautiful dark lush fruit prancing on my palate.
Thank you sir!!!
β€” 3 years ago

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David L

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It isn't an auction.... the Last bottle " Marathon"πŸ‘


@David L aih! So you're the one buying during the hour of power!
David L

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@@TheSkip They they did one a few months back that ran the entire day .


Merlot 2014

Shay A

As excepted for Buccella, this was rich and opulent but no trace of flabbiness or too extracted in terms of the fruit profile. I was actually surprised, in a good way, about the infusion of red fruit here. Cherry liqueur, rhubarb tart and oozing in blackberries up front. Sweet baking spices, shaved dark cocoa and Andes mint on the finish. Killer merlot. β€” 3 months ago

Dan Fitzgerald
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Mixed Blacks Amador County Grenache Blend 2014

Field blends that drinks well now! β€” 8 months ago

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Woodward Canyon

Artist Series #19 Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Stood up surprisingly well next to the Buccella. Baking spice, earth, black fruit, and cranberries. A little tart and gritty on the finish but overall really solid. β€” 3 years ago

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Realm Cellars

Houyi Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Older is not better, love the Realm, Buccella had issues. β€” 3 years ago

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Justin Brilman

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Houyi vineyard is my favorite Realm at the moment.
Eric Shanks

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Too bad about the Buccella
Martin G Rivard

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@Paul T Awesomeness in a glass!!


Mica Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Ron R

Yes, that’s my granddaughter in the background 😍
This wine is so nuanced on the nose and palate. Black fruits and mint on the nose, with strawberry jam and brown sugar. Sweet oak notes extend and expand. Regal tannins provide ample structure. Drink now or cellar for many years. This is gonna stand still and further improve. Impressive.
β€” 5 months ago

Benny RAnne-marie Beausejour
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Sharon B

Sharon B

She’s adorable! And the wine sounds delicious!
Manny Abascal

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She is cute!

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So cute

Gargiulo Vineyards

Money Road Ranch Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Needs about an hour to open up. Suave bottle, that was fun to drink next to the entry level Buccella. Polar opposite wines. β€” a year ago

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Becklyn Cellars

Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Greg Ballington

So close to being WOTN but just beat out by the 2010 Buccella. Deep and dark ruby red. Tons of cassis, blackberries, and thick baking spices. A little something dirty too almost like a strong cheese. Heavy tannins (8/10) with a powerful body, close to the Buccella but needs time to beef up a bit. Lots of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cassis and black raspberries on the palate. Killer structure and lots of balance for being so young. Super long finish. So good we had to go back and order the rest of our allocation! Drink from 2018 till 2036+. Approachable now but needs a couple hour decant. (97+) β€” 3 years ago

India OkohDavid LRon R
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Martin G Rivard

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@Greg Ballington I literally bought a case after my 1st sip of it. Insanely lush with a gorgeous nose. @David A Lentine I got to thank my Bud David for that hookup!!