Contento Vineyard Estate Bottled Primitivo 2015

Tastes like Italian house wines. At Vesta in RWC with Gretchen — 3 years ago

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Hopland Ranches Chardonnay

Fruity. Crisp. — 6 years ago

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Estate Bottled Mendocino Merlot 2004

Another winner from the cellar of my Aunt and Uncle. — 4 years ago


Reserve Chardonnay 2015

Very buttery 💛 — 4 years ago


Über Zin Bliss Vineyard Zinfandel 2013

Nose dark fruits black cherry vanilla pepper bitter finish kinda smoky maybe high alcohol low acidity dry — 3 years ago

Brutocao Family Vineyards

Hopland Ranches Torrent 2014

Black cherry, raspberry, blackberry, vanilla, licorice, currant, loganberry and oak. Great structure and soft tannins. — 4 years ago

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