Broke Fordwich, Hunter Valley

Krinklewood Vineyard

Biodynamic Vineyard Francesca Rosé 2022

Picked up this little gem while visiting the Hunter Valley. It was perfect during for a hot day — 4 months ago


Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2011

Broke open the magnum when the in-laws visited the apartment for the first time. Was afraid it might be damaged given the length of time I had it and traveled ... But it wasn't. Great oakiness. Thick mouth feel. Deep colour — 2 years ago


Lucia Biodynamic Vineyard White Blend 2013

Im not usually a dessert wine drinker but this was great! Not too sticky, delish! — 7 years ago

Andrew Thomas Wines

Individual Vineyard Fordwich Hill Semillon

Beautiful fruit as always. Crisp — 9 months ago

John RobertsonCheryl thomson
with John and Cheryl

Andrew Thomas Wines

Individual Vineyard Broke-Fordwich Semillon 2016

Not as intriguing or long,
But very enjoyable though
Crisp and refreshing 👍
— 4 years ago

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White Label Limited Release Barbera 2012

Ripe and juicy with zingy acidity. I would call this 'young' needs to integrate and mellow. — 6 years ago

Krinklewood Vineyard

Biodynamic Vineyard Spider Run Red Blend 2013

Big, heavy, jammy, alcohol, long thick finish, strong tannins, plum. — 8 years ago

Mount Broke Wines

Hunter Valley Barbera 2018

Only available at the vineyard. Medium to full body. Dark cherry and roast capsicum flavour. Low tannin. Enjoyable. — a year ago

Glenguin Estate

The Old Broke Block Semillon 2002

Not super complex, but still very young and very enjoyable
2002 semillon from the Hunter Valley must be coming from an astral coincidence
They are forever young 🤦🏼‍♂️👍
— 4 years ago

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Wild Red Blend 2015

Quattromani home - full nose of vanilla and cinnamon. Earthy and creamy throughout. Great blend! — 6 years ago

Geoff Quattromani
with Geoff
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