Bradley Vineyards

Domaine Dupasquier

Vin de Savoie Jacquère 2018

With salmon for Bradley Shingleton on 3/5/2023. Great mix of flavor. — a year ago

Big Basin Vineyards

Homestead Block Roussanne 2017

Nicely done. I like the Amphora texture and acidity. Queveri-ish. Good food wine. For on its own enjoyment, would love to see lightly topped with late harvest Roussanne. Lemon+Honey 🐝

I also want to bury the Amphora ceremoniously, with you (Bradley) and Randall Grahm.... on an eclipse/lunar biodynamic magical night, you already got the patio with a firepit to fulfill the bonfire... cow horns and crystals for everyone :) haha
— 4 years ago

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Domaine du Salvard Cheverny White Blend 2018

Mandi Speidel

BFF Bradley Approved! Friday Night Kicked into 2nd Gear — 4 years ago

Bradley James
with Bradley
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Priorat 1996

Shay A

Not familiar with this producer. At first, there was some funk it needed to blow off...little bit of Brett, even a touch of VA. Finally some old plum, smoked fig and cherry tobacco leaves arrived. Fairly light bodied and bright on the palate...medium acidity, black cherry flesh, sage and herbal spice on the palate. Thanks @Bradley Davis — 5 years ago

Weston EidsonDan Fitzgerald
with Weston and Dan
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Golden Moon

Gun Fighter Double Cask Bourbon Whiskey

Bday present from Bradley and Ilana to Jared. Jared’s “favorite whiskey”…noted!! — 2 years ago


Anderson Valley Pinot Noir 2014

Shay A

Virtual tasting with Texture Wines and winemaker Erich Bradley. Big thanks to @Joe Lucca for setting it up.

Anderson Valley fruit. A blend of Ferrington Vineyard and Deer Meadows. Somewhat surprising is that this is 100% destemmed. Based on how the Lucky Well chardonnay was so old world in style, I’d assume some whole cluster or stem inclusion, but based on vineyard location, they feel like the tannin can be easier to achieve and there is no need to increase.

I only gave this about a 30min bottle decant and while it was approachable, it was significantly better at the 3+hr mark. Initially, it was driven by a slightly syrupy/maple richness that seemed out of place. It dominated the other aspects (candied black cherries, potpourri, baking spices) but eventually yielded to a more lifted profile and added black pepper spice. Day two picked up where day one ended showing a more elegant and spice driven profile. I’d say this probably won’t get much better, but definitely give it some air.
— 4 years ago

Ron RShawn RDavid L
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Bryan Kesting

Bryan Kesting Premium Badge

@Shay A : never had wines from Texture.
Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : I think the chard is up your alley. Very Ceritas like.
Mike R

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Again agree Shay - prefect notes - this wine needs 2 hours after opening

Grassini Family Vineyards

Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara Sauvignon Blanc 2014

2014. This held up great and was awesome. Kiwi, tropical fruit, guava, mango, little nuttiness, clean and precise. So good, well done Bradley! — 4 years ago

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Moon Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

All Repris wines are excellent & this is no exception. Eric Bradley has mastered making wines very unique but all share a common smoothness. — 3 years ago

Anna KohliDaniel KohliElizabeth Kohli
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Lucky Well Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Shay A

Virtual tasting with Texture Wines and winemaker Erich Bradley.

This is my second time with this wine in the last 18 months, the first being back in San Antonio for the WNH event when
@Joe Lucca
brought it. Joe was the key component to getting the Texture Wines virtual tasting setup. Wonderful time.

I gave this about a two hour decant and it needed every bit of it. In the glass, I was shocked at how golden and amber it was (Erich addressed this during our tasting and said he likes to get a bit of oxygen to it early on to prevent any type of premox later in its life). Meyer lemon, lemon oil, sea salt, oyster shell and crushed limestone dominate the nose. Even some candied pineapple. Electric on the palate with zero trace of oak accompanied by bright citrus. So much tart but flavorful fruit carried by high acidity. Towards the end of night one, the finish had a note of soft pink cotton candy. On day two, the fruit became more rich and honeyed. This is built like grand cru Chablis and isn’t fading for at least 7-10yrs.
— 4 years ago

Joe LuccaEric L.Bill Bender
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Mike R

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Agree with my friend @Shay A
Bill Bender

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I agree to agree with those who agree with each other
Mike R

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Haha @Bill Bender how can you not agree with those that agree with other


Jennifer Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Some of you know this wine is special to me since @Diana L and I serendipitously helped sort these grapes during crush in 2014. Time in bottle has brought out some nice complexity; crushed blackberries, backyard mint, blueberry pie, road tar, venison jerky, briar berry, campfire, dried herbs, garrigue, field stones, molasses. Perfect balance of fruit and acidity. Nicely textured tannins grip on the finish. Such a great expression of Moon Mountain fruit handled by the master @Erich Bradley — 5 years ago

Diana L
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Bill Bender

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I had no idea that you had that backstory @Joe Lucca and I’ve never heard of this wine but I shall here to fore call it “Jenny (from the) Block”
Joe Lucca

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@Bill Bender Will fill you in on that story sometime. And you guessed it, our nickname for this wine has always been Jenny from the Block!
David L

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Jenny from the Block . Cool story.