Bohemian Highway


Synthèse Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Carignan Blend

The 2015 gets all up in your face with some rather, uh, aggressive odors. We’ve been assured via some focused keyword googling that this is probably due to the Brettanomyces not being filtered out, and completely in-line with the au naturel dogma of Riberach. So, with that mystery solved, this wine is hands down a personal favorite. Meaty and full bodied with enough pep to keep the taste buds entertained. I’m not even afraid to admit I might actually like the “bohemian” bouquet... — 14 days ago

Highway 12 Winery

Reserve Proprietary Red Blend

Very good without paying a lot. — 3 months ago

Carneros Highway

Carneros Chardonnay 2019

Some how I keep on pouring my glass with this one. Will buy more. — 3 months ago

Bainbridge and Cathcart

Cuvée Highway 8 Cabernet Franc 2018

Peter and Julie show the softer side of Cab Franc. Highway .8 is deep purple with blackberries and cola and only the slightest vegetation giveaway. — 6 months ago

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Bohemian Bourbon High Proof

Nice high proof bourbon at the right price point ($50). — 2 months ago

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Podere ai Valloni

Vigna Cristiana Boca Nebbiolo Blend 2011

Just concluded the annual Fall seclusion at our cabin in the Rangeley lakes region of Maine, mobile service up there is mostly non-existent, after several days I am posting again. Notes are somewhat brief, as my focus is relaxing and watching the Common Loons swimming and diving in the cove in front of our camp.

Nose has dried roses, newly paved highway, dry leather, cut cherries, dried spearmint, dry clay soil, dried cigar and dry granite.
Palate has dried black cherry, mahogany shavings, dry/moist granitic soil, dried blackberry, matchstick cut red pepper, abundant fresh cherries with a long finish, slightly dry, many, many years ahead of this bottle.
Decanted 4+hours, more time needed, at hour four it's really starting to launch!
— 2 months ago

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Bohemian Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Cork was almost completely saturated but everything seemed to be okay in terms of integrity. The nose is a mix of squishy tropical fruit and ripe melon. On the palate, it’s tropical fruit, melon, citrus and nuts. A little buttery but there’s a really welcomed run of acid that hits on the finish. Not my favorite style of Chardonnay but well made. — 4 months ago

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Highway 12 Winery

Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Okay, yum. A smoky fruit forward deep purple wine with lovely soft tannins. Having it at a rooftop restaurant and being extremely rude by taking wine notes but hey, it be like that sometimes. Notes of currant, blackberry, chocolate. Very good. — 2 months ago

Buenos Aires

Brand White Table 2019

Intense and fresh aromas of orange blossoms, citrus and honey. Crisp and elegant; round with balanced acidity. Whenever you uncork a Buenos Aires wine, you will be transported to streets filled with bohemian style neighborhoods overflowing with poetry and colors. You’ll discover wines that seem to sing tangos full of verses inviting you to dance. Welcome to the place where cultures merge together. Splash wines. — 2 months ago


Rosé Blend 2019

@delectable this is neve yarak winery's rose 2019

i was lucky to join granache plantings in neve yarak winery - a small boutique winery in central israel with vinyards on flat land.

hard laboring planting the american root stocks left my leg muscles hurting for a few days but every time ill pass the close by highway road I'll enjoy the memory. and i got this rose...

65% carignan
35% grenache

vineyards are 39 years old.
oak fermentation.

12% ABV

pale pink 👀

some greeness and funk first. followed by unripe strawberry and raspberry, lemon and grapefruit peel👃

medium body.
medium + acidity.

creamy red fruit and citrus with added funk, green leaves variety and some dust 👄

medium 🎯

pleasent tartness with an edge. very drinkable. balanced and complex.
lovely high powered rose.
feels right.

ok vfm (110 nis or a few hours of hard work). better value with imported rose's but this is an enjoyable local choice.

paired well with ok-ish delivery pizza. one mushrooms topped with terrible 'tartufo oil' and the second with caramelised onions and balsamic vinaigrette.
— 3 months ago

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