Bogle Vineyards

Bogle Vineyards

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc 2018

I’m a fan of SA and Loire Chenin so I was looking forward to this ✔️

👁: pale lemon with a tinge of green
👃: strikingly ripe fruit. Candied pineapple, green apple (but they kind that’s already turned yellow from ripeness), lemon, and butterscotch
👅: the same ripe tropical fruit, including mango and lychee. Balanced with an intense but well judged acidity. Smooth and knitted together quite well. A touch of bitterness on the finish.

Unexpected given ripeness, but this really works for me. 😋
— 8 days ago

Bogle Vineyards

California Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

I’ve had this wine several times, and it consistently makes me happy! Dark ruby color with notes of plum, fig, cedar but never jammy. Good acid/tannin and a mouthfeel that is velvety and satisfying! One of my go-to wines at a great price point. — 25 days ago

Bogle Vineyards

Reserve Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Unbelievably delicious ! A wonderful compliment to grilled salmon with Brussels sprouts and a baked sweet potato ! — a month ago

Bogle Vineyards

Phantom Clarksburg Chardonnay

Our Valentines wine this year & wow, $17 on sale and we really loved it. Mine was the Proprietary Red and delicious. Bold with balance and velvet finish on the tongue . Can’t say enough . Another bottle soon to follow. — 8 hours ago

Bogle Vineyards

California Petite Sirah 2016

Excellent. Deep color. Great wine with lots of flavor — 17 days ago

Bogle Vineyards

Clarksburg Chardonnay 2018

Browned butter aroma; coconut sweetness, butter, melon, a little bitterness on the finish. Indulgent Cali Chard with plenty of american oak. — 2 months ago

Bogle Vineyards

Essential Red Old Vine California Red Blend 2016

Pretty good. High tannins at the end but still smooth. Really fruity start with oaky finish — 13 days ago

Bogle Vineyards

California Merlot

A ‘delicious’ smooth wine which we’re gonna have with tonight’s ‘delicious’ homemade
Chicken Casserole dinner...
H & I are now having a glass (test run.. LOL) with cheese & crackers...YUM
— 15 days ago

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Bogle Vineyards

California Chardonnay 2017

🙈 tasting 4th wine
at wset level 2 course (3rd meeting)

gold-ish 👀

butter and cream, apple and some candy 👄

medium + acidity.
full body.

citrus & cream and candies 👄

long pleasent 🎯

it was easy to guess that this is the heavily oak-ed California chardonnay that i heard about so many times before.

must admit i loved it.
— a month ago