Bobal Rosé 2017

What is more fun than saying “I got this for 6 bucks at TJ’s”? Pretty much anything. Is the answer. But being inexpensive and organic and vegan and friggin’ a grape I rarely see AND this is just yum AF. It’s super ripe all the ripe berries stewed with peach but on an acid trip. Full still but light still. Not cloying but rich. Good things come in unexpected packages. — a month ago

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Bodega Mustiguillo

Finca Terrerazo Vino de la Tierra El Terrerazo Bobal 2015

Complex, high tannins, long finish, black fruit — 2 months ago

Bodegas y Vinedos Ponce

Clos Lojen Manchuela Bobal 2017

Slow cold ferment. Fresh with nice earth notes. — 3 months ago

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Alma de Cantaro


Unusual Ribera del Duero single varietal from some very old Bobal vines found amongst the area’s predominant Tempranillo. Native to the Utiel-Requena region in Valencia, Bobal is a rustic and quite underrated variety known for its big compact bunches and high yield, traditionally used for bulk wine production. In Ribera del Duero, where it is known as Valenciana, it was traditionally used to add color and structure to blends, but rarely vinified on its own. Taking its name from the local expression “Alma de Cántaro” (loosely translated to fool, naïve) represents Magna Vides’ heroic attempt to reclaim Ribera del Duero’s lesser-known and disappearing varieties. Fragrant. Herbal, balsamic notes. Somewhat citric, acidic finish. — 4 months ago

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Valencia Bobal

Yellow plum and beeswax make for a racy nose. Berry, stone and tang. Slightly chalky mouthfeel. Nuanced cranberry notes spurring hunger for savory beef or cedar plank salmon. — a month ago

Camino de Santiago

El Primero Graciano Garnacha

Lovely sparkling red colored. Cross between classic red roses and geraniums. Smells of lovely, nice smells. Like things made of fruits that are usually red. Cranberry sauce, currant jam and raspberry tarts. Hint of rocks. Rocks after they get wet in the streams and rivers. Flavor is exquisite. Juicy and tart. Hint of raspberry juice & cherry sorbet. Tiny bit like Pinot Noir. But also has that mystical blood orange, sweet berry and citrus flavor that can often make Bobal sing so. It’s also got a rose-hip and hibiscus thing going on. This is lovely Spanish stuff. Sad to find out that there was only one more bottle at Grocery O. Please make more Graciano España. Por Favor. — 9 days ago

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Bodegas Coviñas

Memorias del Rambam Limited Edition Bobal

Like it very much. The Bobal is a great variety which provides great fruity tastes and aroma, good body, a well balanced acidity. I highly recommend it. — a year ago

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Manuel Manzaneque Suárez

Mil Cepas Vino de Parcela Paraje la Palomera Bobal 2016

Andrew Holod

Manuel Manzaneque Mil Cepas Bobal Vino de Parcela Paraje la Palomera DO Valencia 2016
Opaque, inky purple color.
Aromas of blackberries, black licorice, cassis, spices (fenugreek seed and cloves). Very fine oak notes of toasted chocolate/fruity city-roast coffee influences the nose and palate.
Flavors echo the nose with elegant balance, firm yet very finely textured tannins and fresh acid. Shows a bit of alcoholic heat. Yet this just came off a container this week. If the alcohol integrates with time this will warrant a higher score.
Best Bobal you've ever tasted? Probably.
Disclaimer that I import it.
— 2 months ago

Bodega Mustiguillo

Mestizaje Vino de la Tierra El Terrerazo Bobal

Loved this. Light and easy to drink. Like a Pinot. — 3 months ago

Partida Creus

BB Bobal

Det er sådan, neglelakfjerner skal smage. (Viniculture. Berlin) — 3 months ago