Barraco (nino Barraco)

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Zibibbo

My nominee for the Best Grape I Knew Nothing About — a month ago

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Catarratto 2010

We tasted seven white wines from Campania and Sicily, all single grape varietals, 2009-2012. I was the outlier on this one - loved the caramel, surprising meatiness. The others did not like it.
— 9 months ago

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Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Nero d'Avola 2009

2009 - marzipan & dried fruit on the nose, blackberries, slightly funky, delicious drinking — 8 years ago

Bodega Don Juan del Aguila

Gaznata El Barraco III Viñas Viejas Garnacha 2016

Fruity and dry 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just really like it for some reason — 4 months ago

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Rosammare Nero d'Avola

Another natural Sicilian red (rose) served chilled. Plenty of salinity. Had at Brawn E2 — 10 months ago

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Pignatello

Happy Birthday Homie — 6 years ago

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Mary Wills

Mary Wills

@Sadek Bazaraa Happy Birthday! 🍾🎂
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Nino nino nino

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Grillo 2012

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving on the past Saturday with our immediate family, we decided to enjoy lunch today at Willie G’s. Great seafood deserves an appropriate wine. Today we had a wonderful Grillo from Sicily. Grillo is the grape used to meme Marsala wine. The wine we enjoyed today was bone dry. The color is the first thing that gets you. It was the color of a Pilsner beer. The nose gave off hints of smoked almonds and honey. On the pallet I picked up nutty flavors backed by baked apples and some minerality. The wine had a lingering finish and stood up well to blackened red snapper. All in all a very enjoyable wine. — 7 months ago

Lisa Mayer
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El Barraco

Rock Rose Viñas Viejas Jara Garnacha

#garyveewineclub old vine grenache. Fresh and juicy, with berries, herbs, and a touch of spice. Lightly colored and reductive in style. With its soft tannins, the wine pairs great with aggressively spiced Latin food. — 4 years ago

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Vignammare Grillo 2012

Giampiero Nadali

2012 Barraco, Vignammare Bianco Terre Siciliane IGP, a brand from Nino Barraco, a small artisanal winemaker. — 9 years ago

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