Baglio Gaiano

Baglio Antico

Catarratto 2020

Really tasty with a great amount of skin contact — 2 days ago

Baglio Baiata Alagna

Marsala Vergine DOP

NV | my night cap wine, prominent bitters and almond. — 6 months ago

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Baglio di Pianetto

Terre Siciliane Frappato 2018

Is there a better table wine? A dense, grippy core of dirt with some blackberries around the edges but wow how earth just anchors everything. You just want more! — a year ago

Baglio del Cristo di Campobello

Lalùci Sicilia Grillo 2021

Super salty
I don't recall another Italian white as Chablis-like as this
It talks of the land rather than of the grape..which i personally like
Very enjoyable
— 12 days ago

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Baglio di Serramarrocco

Sicilia IGT Nero d'Avola 2014

Plenty of tannin, structured, leathery texture - paired well with roast beef — 2 years ago

Baglio del Cristo di Campobello

C'D'C' Rosso Sicilia Red Blend 2019

Gott vanilj på vinprovning på Winjas. — 4 months ago


Santacostino Baglio Sorìa Cataratto Chardonnay

Мягкие танины, острое послевкусие, приятное вино — 8 months ago

Feudi del Pisciotto

Baglio del Sole Nero D'Avola 2018

Nice pizza wine. Pairs well with a crushed tomato pie with fresh mozzarella and garlic. — 2 years ago