Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Zio Nando Barbera d'Alba 2016

J. Kim

Modern but enlightened style, oaky but transparent and airy fruit. Shows excellent terroir and plenty of reserve. — a month ago

Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Serralunga Barolo Nebbiolo 2005

Sweet blueberry fruit. But balanced. Delicious. Hint of bitterness. — 8 months ago

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Alessandro Rivetto

Langhe Rosso Merlot Blend

So I was recently listening to the “wine for normal people” podcast and they mentioned how a lot of the Barolo and Barbaresco producers would put leftover grapes essentially into the newer DOCs. Well I open my little wine fridge and here is this Rosso from Langhe. I thought perfect timing! Not much on the nose but beautiful deep flavors. Low acid, starts with sweeter blue fruit and builds up to vanilla-oak-leather goodness. Firm cold ripe fruit that finishes quickly. Coats the mouth. Chewy, almost ripe fruit flavors. A great everyday Italian reflecting some delicious grapes. — 9 months ago

Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Leon Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo

A little tight - definitely needs some decanting time to mellow out - but quite bold and flavorful. — 2 months ago

Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Borea Langhe Nascettta 2016

First bottle of wine on my Italian vacation! Lots (and lots) of wine to come. — 6 months ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Loving Italian wines right now. Might be going to Italy in October so post some good ones that I may like to try! Have fun! 🇮🇹🍷🇮🇹
Meg Herring

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@Sharon B will do! Thank you!!

Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Barolo Del Commune di Serralunga d'Alba Nebbiolo

🏅Rating 91/100 (4,1🌟)

Rivetto winery visit

Tasted from magnum. Base line Barolo. Blend of several plots in Serralunga d'Alba. Wine doesn't have distinctive style of the terroir, but offers good intensity of aromas. 30mo agenda in Slavonian oak + 9mo in bottles.
— a year ago

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Alessandro Rivetto

Barolo Nebbiolo 2011

Nicely aged Nebbiolo that pairs well with steak. Bright acidity. Wild berries. — 5 months ago

Alessandro Rivetto

Barolo del Comune di Serralunga d'Alba Nebbiolo

j a

when you want amore, that’s amore! — 9 months ago

Azienda Agricola Rivetto

Giulin Barolo Nebbiolo

— a year ago

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