Azienda Agricola Marino

Rossi Marino

Kvalitetno Suho Cabernet Sauvignon

Best buy, pio u Bookeria. Pravo ljetno. — 2 months ago

Consorzio Vini Tipici di San Marino

Riserva Brugneto Sangiovese 2016

Surprisingly good, cranberry-flavored Sangiovese with a nice rustic earthiness to it. San Marino has produced a Sangiovese worth trying, especially at its very low price point. Definitely worth buying this wine. — 4 months ago

Azienda Agricola Marino

Cellaia Cilento Bianco White Blend

This is cilento bianco. 70% fiano 30% Malvasia

Nose is fiano smoke.

Palate is mineral. Green apple. Really crunchy mineraL. Lemon pith. Perfect fruit balance. A hint of savory saltiness. Rosemary ? Hint of richness. A hint of earthiness. Makes it interesting. Not your run of the mill fiano. Very good deliciousness.
— 4 months ago

Costa Mezzana

Il Sarone Red Blend 2019

L'odore è come un tramonto nella gola delle montagne, e il sapore è come la carezza del vento marino costiero. L'ho provato solo un po 'finora. Cosa succederà quando berrò un paio di bicchieri di questo meraviglioso vino? Sono entusiasta, anche se sospetto che sia tutto perché sono di ottimo umore. ❤️ — 7 months ago

Azienda Agricola Marino

Cilento Aglianico 2012

Rubber and coffee grounds at first, but it’s just some primary funk blowing off. Then sappy with tamarind, nice texture and sweetness. Intriguing, and increasingly delicious. — 3 months ago

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Azienda Agricola Marino

Riserva Cilento Aglianico 2014

100% Aglianico.

Nose is lilacs.

Palate is juicy blackberries. So silky. Wonderful spice. So juicy and delicious. Complex internal aromatics. Cherry liquor. Kirsch.

Long juicy finish. Wow. Amazing elegant spice. So killer.
— 4 months ago

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Azienda Agricola Marino

Proclamo Cilento Aglianico 2015

Nose has a bit of poop. Mostly blows off with air.

Palate is grippy blackberry fruit. Quite young.

Let’s see where this goes

As it opens sort of an Aglianico version of good dolcetto. Sweet fruit. Great spice. Not super complex.
— 4 months ago


Paestum Piedirosso 2019

Nose is spice and green pepper. Pepper goes away with air. Replaced by black pepper.

Palate is huge hit of spice. Incredibly fresh hand crushed wild blackberries. Super delicious. Amazing silky texture. Spice integrates with air. Amazing entry level wine. More perfect mid season cherry with air. Cherry pit as well.

Long cherry finish.
— 4 months ago

Azienda Agricola Marino

Cellaia Cilento Rosso Red Blend

Cellaia cilento Rosso

70% Aglianico 30% piedirosso

Nose is blackberry and a hint of rubber. As opens more blackberry flower.

Palate is so spicy. Crazy vibrant raspberry and a hint of blackberry. Crazy juicy. Lively spices from the piedirosso. Not super complex but a great entry level wine. A hint of bitterness. So delicious.

Long juicy finish. Some spice.
— 4 months ago

Azienda Agricola Marino

Passito Red Blend

Marino passito

Nose is soothing cherry cough syrup.

Palate is candied cherries. Sweet delicious. Very clean. Really lovely. Not super complex.
— 4 months ago