Attis Bodegas Y Vinedos

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Lias Finas Rias Baixas Albariño 2021

Not as dry as I normally like but still really tasty — 15 days ago

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Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Rías Baixas Espadeiro 2020

Best Albariño ever had, amazing — a year ago

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Sitta Laranxa Albariño 2016

Smells clean and mineral forward. Tastes funky in a sweet way. — 5 years ago

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Nana Rías Baixas Albariño 2012

Felipe Ferreiro

👁 color dorado, limpio y brillante 👃 ciruela verde, notas de levadura, canela 👄 buena entrada, se nota más la madera en boca, densidad y potencia, final largo y agradable. — 6 years ago

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Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Attis Mar Rías Baixas Albariño

Aged 6 months under water in the Atlantic. As we cannot compare with the wine without under sea aging it remains remarkable…..
Very subtle Albarino. Smoky nose.
— 8 months ago

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Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Cuvée Tinto Xión Rías Baixas Red Blend 2015

Mix of ripe and tart red fruits. Lots of red candy things going on-- slightly anisey licorice, with a Spree/Sweet Tart tangy finish to it (dang I love that candy). Also brings in a bit of red pepper and almost a eucalyptus or sprucy element. A touch of sweet paprika

Tannins are soft and silky, acid is medium/medium plus. Alcohol medium. Magenta starting to take on just a but of Ruby hues. Finish is long and tangy.

This would be my dream wine if it had just a bit more rustic, underbrushy, stemminess and minerality. Really tasty.

Wine has Pedral, Sousón, and Espadeiro and has spent 6mo crianza-- really curious about the oak aging. I'm assuming old neutral barrels bcz there's no oaky spice or vanilla there.

— 4 years ago

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Sitta Dulce Nana Rias Baixas Albariño 2017

Espectacular Albariño, Dulce uva pasificada.. Aroma a aceitunas aliñadas, salmuera. En boca Almíbar. 45€ en tienda. Buenísimo!!!! — 8 months ago

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Pedral Tinto Atlantico Rias Baixas Albariño 2019

Wonderful white! Full bodied, honey, slight hint of lemon but not tart, and very smooth. Finishes great too. — a year ago

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Sitta Laranxa Orange Wine 2015

Айва, апельсин, цукаты, можжевельник. Приятно, несложно. Подышав становится интересней. — 5 years ago

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