Alma Rosa

Proprieta Sperino

Rosa del Rosa Piemonte Rosato 2019

Prominent tannins and fruit while still being refreshing. — 2 days ago

Alma de los Andes

Bonarda 2017

Paired with some subpar fettuccine Alfredo and some bangin cutlets. — 18 days ago

Giulio Cocchi

Cocchi Rosa Aperitivo Americano

Juicy, can feel bitterness like juicy red wine. taste bit like campari. — a month ago

Stella Rosa

l'Originale Semi Sweet Blueberry Wine 1917

Love it! Tasty and sweet, great on its own for savoring as a dessert/treat. — 4 days ago

Alma de Cattleya

Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Excellent balance of fruit and oak. Perfect example of a premium Sonoma Chardonnay. I buy it by the case. — 21 days ago

Martin & Anna Arndorfer

Rosa Marie Rose 2019

Strawberries, raspberries, raspberry seeds, watermelon (a bit). It’s fuller and weighty enough for salmon and slightly cooler weather. Really solid stuff. — a month ago

Stella Rosa

Golden Honey Peach

Light, sweet, and extremely drinkable. Sparkling honey and peach, as advertised! — 5 days ago

Kyle Eubank
with Kyle