Acqua Al 2

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Brick Pink Wine of the Sun & Earth Vin Gris Tuilé Central Coast Rosé Grenache Blend 2013

Clear, Deep Gold, long slow tears.
Clean oxidized nose with brine, celery and tumeric, caramel.

Dry on the pallet, med acidity, medium body 13% ABV, dry cider apples, celery, clay, wet ground, earthy clay pottery.
Quicker finish.

I would of guessed either, Sherry or Kvevri , in a blind tasting. Production was 9 months al fresco in glass demiohn (Banyuls!)

55% Grenache, 23% Mourvedre, 10% Roussanne, 7% Cinsaut, 3% Carignan, 2% Grenache Blanc.

I love Mourvedre.
“This blend features a good portion of Mourvèdre; that variety seems to work best for this style”. I vote for 100% Mourvedre, small batched, three shades of Banyuls (white, rose, red).

Geeked. Exciting wine.
Could easily pair with the flavors of India, Spain, and Middle East.
— 3 months ago

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Ca'della Scala

Mezzopiano Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore Corvina Blend 2014

Wine #2 In Italy. We are in Venice and this is the second Valpo Ripasso (last night I didn't have a workable phone). Light to Medium bodied. Aromatic. These wines have both paired really nicely with branzino. Still jet-lagged, with be here for 16 days. Challenging with kids; thus wine will be a necessity.

I'm open to suggestions
@Bill Bender @Shay Aldriedge and others. We will hit Tuscany and considering a swing up to Barolo at al.

90 points and rising
— 7 months ago

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Michael Meyer

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@Ron R I loved driving in Italy. Just took a couple days to adjust and think like an Italian.
Ron R

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If your in Florence, try this place - absolutely great food and service. Contemporary and the kids will love it, especially the desserts:
Ron R

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In Chianti, I would seek out Fontodi. As I recall, no reservation required. However, it will be like a funeral for the kids. It's about 90 mins drive from Florence.

Marchesi Antinori

Guado al Tasso Bolgheri Superiore Red Bordeaux Blend 1999

Surprise...I’m a wine that still kicks ass. But I fall apart in about 2 hours. Spice and leather, dark cherry. Ummm — 4 months ago

Domaine de L'R

Le Canal des Grands Pieces Chinon Cabernet Franc 2015

Organic and juicy Cab Franc. Effervescence in every sip with a delicious cherry presence. Imported by International Wines in Birmingham, Al. $13.99
Day 2 notes- bell pepper and cherries.
— 7 months ago

Christophe Mignon

Brut Nature Champagne Pinot Meunier

Fredrik Johansson

Disgorged 13/04/2015. Of the bottles of this wine that I have had, this one came across a bit brut-al... a little hard-edged and angular, severe on the finish. Things had opened and softened by say 2... — a year ago

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James Cole

Umbral Estate Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Mike R

One of favorite boutique Napa winery - decanted 2 hours - love the 09, 10 and 12 - not tried the 13 yet - singing in prefect pitch - color is deep red and stunning, smell is intoxicating, taste is with every sip reminding me to smile and the finish is damn right runway model sexy - in honor of @Carl Fischer and the amazing Christmas carol story last night and as a tribute to all delectable folks including the WNH gang - my 2nd seasonal posting is an adaption from Home Alone 2 - "hold it right there - and you respond by saying "this is wine drinkers everywhere" - I say knew it was you as I could smell you near my cellar - you were at my cellar last night and You been drinking with everybody and not always smiling - you been drinking with "Snuffy. Al. Leo. Moe, with the gimpy leg. Cheeks. Boney Bob, Cliff" - you say "I am mistaken and have been not drinking with everybody and when you drink your wine you do smile" - so I say I believe you but tommy gun don't so I going to give to the count of three to pour a glass of wine and start smiling one two and wait you are smiling so keep smiling and Merry Christmas you wine drinking animals!!!! — a year ago

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Mike R

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@David T no been tied up - what did it say please
David T

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Property badly damaged. They just replanted 1/2 the Estate last year. Winery intact but lots of damage. Working feverishly on the 17 Vintage. Couldn’t make out if that was trying to wrap it up into barrel or to try and save it. Feel badly for them.
Mike R

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That is so so sad


Batch No. 2 Red Blend

After Bistro Byronz with Dena, Al, Stacey & Jaclyn — 5 months ago

Acqua Al 2

Chianti Classico Sangiovese

Delicious house wine with an equally delicious lunch at Acqua al due in Firenze. — 6 months ago

Casa Madero

2 V. Chardonnay Chenin Blanc

Sabores frutales, suave al paladar. Aromas agradables. — a year ago

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Tenuta Sette Ponti

Poggio Al Lupo Maremma Toscana IGT Red Blend 2007

Quite nice - decant 1-2 hours before. — a year ago