Zlatan Otok

Zlatan Otok

Bilo Idro Plavac Mali

Wow this is a really cool wine. Dry blueberries. Drink chilled. — 2 months ago

Zlatan Otok

Vrhunsko Vino Barrique Plavac 2012

Powerful Dalmatian red! aged garnet centre/garnet rim w/mid intense of colour. plum, blueberry, black cherry, custard vanilla, mocha, nuts and mineral. dry, mid+ fresh acidity and mid(-) tannin. Sweet ripen odour and vibrant acidity’s compatibles. personally it felt like well ripen Me w/ used french oak, but indigenous variety Plavac Mali (100%) is an offspring of Zinfandel. Abv14.5% — 3 years ago


Moj Otok White Blend

Enjoyed this wine in Split, a lovely amber colour — 4 years ago


Barrique Babić

Very black Pepper and blackberry nose. Full bodied, very delish with lamb, beef. Persisent finish, A very pleasant suprise. Excellent. Comparable to A Spanish Ribera de Duero. — 8 months ago

Zlatan Otok

Plavac Vrhunsko Vino

Lots of smoke and spice. Black cherry with a fair level of tart. — 3 years ago

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Plenkovic Plavac Mali

Had as a pairing with duck breast at Purple Cafe in Seattle — 3 years ago


Šibenik Plavac Mali

Yummy. Grippy enough to complement our turkey soup. — 7 months ago

Dom Kalebic

Otok Solta Gastald Pošip 2018

Great on the nose, fairly heavy. Preferred very chilled - strong taste. Paired (for me) best on a hot summer day with strong flavoured seafood meal. — 2 years ago

Zlatan Otok

Bijelo Vino Berba Pošip

Green apple, yellow apple, vanilla, almond — 3 years ago

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Crljenak Crljenak Kaštelanski 2011

Excellent zinfandel! Lots of oak and dry fruits like raisins in a long aftertaste, well balanced tannins and acidity, but still powerful and masculine. Would recommend! — 4 years ago