Zlatan Otok

Zlatan Otok

Vrhunsko Vino Barrique Plavac

Soooo accessible! Not difficult to understand and ghere is no complexity. Buuut….it‘s fun! So much fruit falvour and tannins and alcohol….you will gain the public! — 5 months ago

Kathrin Knill
with Kathrin


Šibenik Plavac Mali

Had with steak. Mineral, smokey. Chalky but in a good way. Smooth. — 9 months ago

Dom Kalebic

Otok Solta Gastald Pošip 2018

Great on the nose, fairly heavy. Preferred very chilled - strong taste. Paired (for me) best on a hot summer day with strong flavoured seafood meal. — 4 years ago


Bogdanuša 2022

Nice, crisp, dry white wine, pairs nicely with grilled fish. — 5 months ago

Dubokovic Wines

Moja M Srednja I Juzna Dalmacija Maraština 2020

Savory and more complex than moj otok — 8 months ago

Zlatan Otok

Bilo Idro Plavac Mali

Wow this is a really cool wine. Dry blueberries. Drink chilled. — 2 years ago

Zlatan Otok

Plavac Vrhunsko Vino

Lots of smoke and spice. Black cherry with a fair level of tart. — 4 years ago

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Zlatan Otok

Exclusive Plavac Mali

Super vino ali malo skupo. Pio u Topolino 2023. — 6 months ago

Zlatan Otok

Vrhunsko Bijelo Pošip 2021

Flavorful and unique wine. Similar to Friulano with a larger number of flavors and surprisingly complex. Starts out with dried apricot, then molasses, and ends with mild lemon similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Great Summer wine. Good with mozzarella and tomatoes. — 6 months ago

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Barrique Babić

Very black Pepper and blackberry nose. Full bodied, very delish with lamb, beef. Persisent finish, A very pleasant suprise. Excellent. Comparable to A Spanish Ribera de Duero. — 2 years ago