Yannick Amirault

Yannick Prévoteau

Champagne Brut Nature

Fresh and clensing nature cuvée — 2 years ago

Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier

Guer-Van Crozes-Hermitage Syrah 2015

100% Syrah. Nice red color with enticing aromas of blackberry and pepper. Broad on the palate with a good balance of tannins, likely at its peak. Quite enjoyable. — 3 years ago

Yannick Amirault

Les Quartiers Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2014


Sour mashed red berries, rose hip, bruyère, dirt, light funk; mellow medium body, vivid, vibrant, rounded up at this age (2014 on 01/06/18). Juicy pulp, some flesh, linear and bright. Half moon weight. — 4 years ago

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Thierry Amirault

Le Fondis Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2015

Dirt, leaves, cherries. Smooth and lovely 😊 — 3 years ago

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Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier

Côtes du Rhone Red Rhone Blend 2016

마신뒤 남는 블랙베리의 맛과 향이 매우 인상적이고 타닌의 느낌은 부드러워 마시기 부드럽다. 과실을 직접 먹는듯한 착각이 드는 와인. Impressive! — 4 years ago

Boin Jin
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Yannick Amirault

Le Grand Clos Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2010

Vintage 2010 - there are multiple reasons why I love #bourgueil let me explain. When I just discovered wine as a real passion - at the age of 18 - I adored the raspberry smell no other wine offered so generous. I like the name: Bourgueil is by far the most beautiful AOC name. My wife and I fell in love with the great dishes of Madame Debacker and the #Loire region on our honeymoon. This #cabernetfranc is deep black in the glass. It has character. Even at this age the wine shows a bit harshness, and an austerity that is found in Bordeaux often. But the raspberry and cherry smell reminds me of Cru de Beaujolais. It has also flint and mineral expression in smell, hints of leather, tobacco, clove. On the tongue it has a velvety structure. Bourgueil can be complex and frivolous at the same time. / Partnered it with Bavette from bbq and cauliflower mousse. — 4 years ago

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Daniel P. Drake

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Nice Peter. I also love the Loire Cabernet Fanc and Bougueil has some very nice expressions.
Severn Goodwin

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Nice notes and memories, I may just have to pull a cork out of a Bourgueil this evening.

Yannick Alléno & Michel Chapoutier

Couronne de Chabot Saint-Joseph Marsanne 2017

Alluring yellow fruit and citrus aromas with some minerality that opens to well-balanced and juicy flavors on the tongue. A bit of a bite on the finish. Best served chilled. — 3 years ago

Château Angélus

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 1995

Amazing. With Yannick in Paris — 4 years ago

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Domaine La Barroche

Liberty Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend

Sasha Verhage

Exceptional. Baby Cdp. Well done Julien and Yannick. Killer collaboration. — 4 years ago

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Chateau Haut Pougnan

Bordeaux Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

From Trader Joe’s, $8.99. With KiKA and Yannick. Laura esp liked it. — 4 years ago