Yakima Valley, Columbia Valley

Isenhower Cellars

Yakima Valley Roussanne

Olsen Ranch Vineyard, 175 cases made. Pale yellow, excellent clarity. Struggling with the aromas right now (overchilled) Lots of body, guava, lemon and apple flavors. Lees character on finish. — 12 days ago

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Sonder Wines

Yakima Valley Roussanne 2020

Light, refreshing. Perfect red for summer (if you prefer reds, but feel most of them are too heavy for warm summer temps!). Gorgeous color! — 11 days ago

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Organic Syrah Rosé 2017

Gorgeous Canadian Oakanagan Rosé. Visually darker, strawberry juice coloured with a lighter nose of rose water and hibiscus flower. The palate is low acidity, strawberries and watermelon for days. Loved it. — 8 days ago

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A nice summer wine! 🌞Cheers!🍷

Owen Roe

The Parting GlassCordon Glass Yakima Valley Riesling 2015

Of all the comrades that e'er I had
They're sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e'er I had
They'd wish me one more day to stay

But since it fell into my lot
That I should go and you should not
I'll gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be to you all

Fill to me the parting glass
And drink a health whate'er befalls
Then gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be to you all

Week, months, years will pass. But I will miss you every single day 💙
— 15 days ago

Tenet Wines

The Pundit Columbia Valley Syrah

Had this with coffee rubbed Buffalo short ribs. Paired perfectly. Espresso, focaccia bread spices, warm, overwhelming, but a perfect complement. Worked so so well with this meal. — 20 hours ago

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Va Piano Vineyards

OX Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2018

Deep ruby color. Aromas of licorice, dark chocolate and dark cherry. Dark, robust blackberries, coffee and cedar/dry finish. — 7 days ago

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Sharon B

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Nice color!


I agree! Almost a velvety appearance to it. Cheers!🍷

Paplow Cellars

Boushey Vineyard GSM Grenache Blend 2018

Second tasting, six months on — 7 days ago

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Has it improved after 6 months?🍷

Lobo Hills

Yakima Valley Merlot Rosé 2020

Small local producer. Rosé wines from Merlot aren’t typical here in the PNW. Dusky orange, excellent clarity. Label notes it was aged on lees, with aromas of “strawberries, peaches and melons” with “flavors of cherries, raspberries, strawberries and black pepper” For me, strawberry seed and melon aromas with flavors of cola and black pepper, surprise. Almost dry, rounded mouthfeel, defined skin astringency on finish, not excessive but present alongside some mineral and leesy character. Worth seeking out — 18 days ago

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Tamarack Cellars

Columbia Valley Merlot 2012

Took a good 4-5 hrs to open up. Absolutely singing once it fully opened. Great balance. Delicious. — 7 days ago

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Ahtanum Ridge

Columbia Valley Tempranillo 2020

Dense ruby red, highly extracted pigment. Buttery, herbal aromas with hints of wintergreen, black currant and prune. Soft cherry and raspberry flavors, rounded mouthfeel on finish. Nice with or without food — 14 days ago

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