Unti Vineyards

Unti Vineyards

Riserva Dry Creek Valley Sangiovese

Showing a bit of age with brick brown around the edge, a bit dusty but still has a core of dark fruit, lovely with our Tuscan grilled ribs. — 2 days ago

Unti Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Barbera 2018

Probably the best red Mick Unti makes IMHO. This is a full-blooded vintage. Deep and hearty. Barbera with the gain turned all the way up. Lotta fuzz. In a good way. Dope Xmas gift from @Brendan Devine and the fact that I held out til March is no small accomplishment for a drunk like yours truly. — 3 months ago

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Unti Vineyards

Segromigno Dry Creek Valley Sangiovese Montepulciano 2018

55% Montepulciano 45% Sangiovese. Don’t know what else to say other than this is a really powerful wine. Just grabs you by the ass and says, “you’re mine, baby.” — 5 months ago

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Unti Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Grenache Blend

Yet another outstanding UNTI Grenache. — 4 days ago

Muscardini Cellars

Unti Vineyards Syrah 2013

Spices, herbs, hickory, smoky, smooth well-rounded structure — 3 months ago

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Unti Vineyards

Petit Frere Dry Creek Valley Red Rhone Blend

Dark fruit on nose. Grippy but balanced. Tobacco and spice. — 3 months ago

Unti Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2017

Per usual I agree w @Ellen Clifford here. This wine has great layered flavor. It tastes a bit young w much potential but has the depth of flavor to it that makes you want more. I’d say in 2-3 years this will be a killer delicious sip! The addition of the barbera grapes is evident in the extra fruit in the mid palate. So good. — 5 months ago

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Glad you’re enjoying it! I suddenly have a craving for some Zin...

Unti Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Montepulciano

Bear Shadow Weekend, Highlands, NC — 2 months ago

Romano Clelia

Colli di Lapio Fiano di Avellino Fiano 2013

Best in class Fiano, non-Unti division. Haven’t had an old white in a while and there’s something about the taste that just draws me in. This tastes old, in a good way. Dusty. Lemon zest and dried apricot. Full-bodied but still crisp. Straw color, higher ABV for sure. Tasting notes in collaboration with @Caroline Graham — 3 months ago

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Unti Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Vermentino 2019

Always a favorite. Luscious tropical bouquet — 6 months ago

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