Champlain 2013

This is some old-ass cider, and I’m here for it. A hint bretty but very aromatic, dry, light, and flavorful. Could easily take down a few bottles til that 7.4% ABV catches up with you. — 2 months ago

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Broc Cellars Edition Rosé Cider

Super tasty cider aged on grape must! — a year ago


Dry Craft Cider 2015

Now we’re talking! Awesome dry cider with enough apple texture and overtones that this is not just one dimensional. A bit more pricey than most ($12 for a 4 pack) but well worth it. — 3 years ago

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Charles Cellar Shackleton apples and fruit from the Lost Apple Project

For transcription: Shacksbury - Charles Cellar Release
Apples are Shackleton apples and fruit from the Lost Apple Project, wild yeast fermentation, 7.2% alcohol
Buttery, a bit bland for Shacksbury
— 4 months ago

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David Shaw

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Sounds fun


The Vermonter

Killer cider! Plain and simple. I love the touch of juniper thrown in there. — a year ago

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Paul Hammer

Paul Hammer

Nice! 🤟🏻


Dry Rosé Cider

Excellent! Recommended by a friend and this can did not disappoint! — 3 years ago

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Small Batch No. BH1 Farmhouse Cider

For transcribers: Producer is Shacksbury, name is Small Batch No. BH1
Wild Apples, 6.5% ABV, 45 cases produced (bought during their November cellar release)
— 5 months ago

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Classic Dry Cider

Goddamnit. The donkey got sucker punched in the face tonight with this dry mix of cider spiders. Aghbughuh. So tasty, I drank 14 of these mofos by accident before tuning to the whiskey cabinet. Where’s uncle Louis? I need a smoke. — 6 months ago

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Limited Release Pét Nat Craft Cider

Absolutely everything you want a cider to be. Leesy, fruity, absolutely wonderful. A joy to break open and crush with a friend when you only have 30m to chill. — 3 years ago

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