Angel's Envy

Finished Rye Whiskey

The rum casks add a bit more sweetness than I usually prefer in my whiskeys, but there’s no denying this thing is just delicious. Think of it as a high-proof liqueur and you’ll be very happy. — 14 days ago


Irish Stout

Fantastic Irish stout. ☘Addition of Canadian rye adds a richness to the flavour.

•4.7% ABV• July 10, 2022
— a month ago

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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

How does anyone not hoard (regular) Sazerac at ~$25?!
Incredibly smooth, great sweet note to the finish. Again, why haven't I not been buying this for years...?

(BTW Kirkland Bourbon at $30 is worth the price of admission, earthy oak note on the palate is quite similar to Buffalo Trace.)

Counter-Clockwise from top left:
Buffalo Trace (single-barrel selection), Jefferson's Reserve Very Old/Very Small Batch, Knob Creek (9yo), Kirkland Bourbon (7yo), St George single-malt (SM 015), Hillrock (Ancram NY, solera aged, Barrel No. 174), Berkshire Mountain Distillers Shay's Rebellion and Wild Turkey Master's Keep (Batch 0001, 17yo).
— 9 months ago

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Rhonely Boy

Rhonely Boy

Yes to Rye, my ‘go to’ for a category I don’t venture into often.
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Surprisingly Eagle Rare 10 is highly allocated this year if you’ve had in the past. One bottle only on K&L
Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

Nice assortment, if I remember correctly,
Kirkland 12 yr scotch is McCallan.

Château Branaire (Duluc-Ducru)

St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend 2010

Sweet tobacco notes interspersed with woodsy mushrooms, warm rye bread with toasted sesame and grill notes. Cherry and baked currant tart. Silky soft cherry open reveals exquisitely suspended smoke framing black cherry and cedar dusted black currant and dried blackberry with sage and nutmeg.

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— 10 days ago

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Château Montrose

Saint-Estèphe Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2010

Warm nose of straw and rich loam, gunpowder tea, cumin, espresso grounds, ripe black cherry, toasted coffee rye, and pipe tobacco. Silky tannins stretched tight across baked black currant, bakers chocolate, cardamom, generous graphite dusted, dark toasted black rye, burnt ends, grilled date.

#montrose #chateaumontrose #saintestèphe #secondgrowth #secondgrandcruclassé #1855 #grandcru #grandvin #grandvindebordeaux #deuxièmecrus
— 8 months ago

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A. Overholt & Co. Inc.

Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey

A great bargain at $20, it is smooth neat and mixes well. — 3 years ago

Fleury Pere & Fils

Cuvée Robert Fleury Millésimé Extra Brut Champagne

BREAD. Evokes layers of rich dough, rye, hazelnut, malted barley — 4 years ago

Edouard Brun & Cie

Brut 1er Cru Champagne Blend 2008

ginger candy, nougat, rye bread, and faint notes of numerous tropical & citrus fruits w apples & pears

palate as above but add minerality, limestone chalkiness, and tonic ~ as well as golden sultanas to the broad fruit profile

very forward and focused ~ slight mid palate ~ good length ~ delivers a wealth of complexity in a compact space
— 14 days ago

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George Dickel

Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Column Still & Three Chamber Still Straight Rye Whiskey

Raisins, bananas, and bread pudding on the nose, with notes of candied yams and some nice spicy heat. — 8 months ago

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Prairie Artisan Ales

Bomb! Imperial Stout

Hard poured this inky octopus to a pattern-bald, latte-afro pate with dancing nematode swirls in space riffs. Sticky cellulite ‘lacing’ painting the glass with stain-stars. Black. Burnt baklava aromas, maple char, black chocolates with windowsill mint, malty dark caramel, baked aromas. Coffee and resinous chocolate, baked maple syrup, poppy torts, rye bread with dark caramel, baked chocolate with ganache for a sleepover, Thai coffee reduction, treacle, a sweet black pepper and sassafras and dark rum sprouting fresh vanilla bean. Intensely variegated, layered, concentrated. The Dagwood of imperial stouts. Piled 6 feet high, enjoy with a friend, horizontally. .
#nordaggioscoffee #prairieartisanales #prairiebomb #imperialstout #stout #coffeestout #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #dankbeer #krebsbrewing #okbeer #krebsoklahoma
— 2 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

Severn Goodwin Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Love these guys, can be tricky to source on the East Coast, but worth the search.
David Kline

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I have these brought to me, or pick them up, mid-country. Worth it every time!