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Sonoma County Pinot Noir 1974


Astonishing that this very old wine is drinking just great! The ‘74 Cab from Souverain was my very first early favorite way back then. Got this single sample and figured must be vinegar by now but be good for nostalgia for the long gone vineyard. Instead this is a delightful shock! Labels look great. Cork has top layer of crap but in good shape though the very bottom broke off. Wine has nice garnet color with little hint of its age. Still lively, well balanced and tasty even if not super complex. Nose is just straight out attractive with very ripe dark red fruits as background for the foreground earth and field and hay. No way I’d have guessed 46 year old Sonoma Pinot! Kept sniffing and satisfied even before tasting. Palate is light and lean but still lively and texture is firm and acidic carrying over to good finish. Like an aged but still athletic and elegant ballerina showing off. What a pleasant and memorable shock in these crazy times! Lot of 4 oldies from 70s, Sutter Home Zinfandels (2) Montevino and primarily for these but this Pinot already made it worthwhile for AA20. Adding two to 9.3 for the age! Back label says ‘74 was great vintage and wine ready to drink but will still be good in 3-4 years with proper storage. Ha! Day two still standing strong in Eto and dancing with delight. Enough for one last glass in day or two. Day three drank without food before dinner. Kept sniffing and sniffing. Elegant and complex nose with notes of sour plum and very ripe dark fruits. Only possible in such well aged vino! Memorable. Too bad only bottle. — 23 days ago


Verv Extra Dry Brut Prosecco

DOC Treviso, 100% Glera, 11% ABV.
Nice light fruitiness in the canned pears direction. The lil sugar softens the pallet and keeps one coming back for more. Good alone as well as with food. Private label for Bella Grace Vineyards (Sutter Creek, CA) by Andreola (Treviso, IT)
— 3 years ago

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Sutter Home Winery

California Pinot Grigio

Easy to drink, refreshing, sweet but not too much so — 4 months ago

Sutter Home Winery

California Gewürztraminer

This wine slaps. Sweet and I can actually afford it — 7 months ago


Alcohol Removed White Zinfandel

Clear, pale pink.

Clean, pronounced fruitiness of strawberry, watermelon. Smells amazing!

Medium-dry on the palate, and light bodied. The body is flatter then expected, I knew it would be lighter than wine and juice, but wasn’t exactly sure how, being my first alcohol removed wine, which contains 32% juice. Low to (-)medium acidity. Pronounced flavors of strawberry and watermelon, not cloying. Faintly in the background there is something a lil funky (stands out, not bad), I think its the added grape concentrate. Quick finish.

Quality is very good, drink now.
Fun and flavorful sipper.
Website has a nice list of Mocktail recipes.

Produced and bottled by Sutter Home
Less than 0.5% Alc, 32% Juice, 70 Cal per 8oz, 13g Sugars.
Ingredients: Dealcoholized White Zinfandel Wine Grape Juice, Grape Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Potassium Metabisulfite.
— a year ago

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Sutter Home Winery

California Zinfandel 1972

Jeremy Shanker

Magnum 🧨🧨🧨 — 7 months ago

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Like drinking a museum!


Vino Spumante Bollé Extra Dry Rosé Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Fantastically different & fruity, rose sparkling wine, 12% abv
80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot

Private label for Bella Grace Vineyards (Sutter Creek, CA) by Andreola (Treviso, IT)
— 3 years ago


Cascinetta Vietti Moscato d'Asti 2015

More dimension than the Sutter Home we're used to. Anniversary 2016 @ Mickey Mantle — 3 years ago