Prinz von Hessen (Landgräflich Hessiches Weingut)

Großes Gewächs Johannisberger Klaus Riesling 2016

Crisp, fresh & tart on the nose with fresh cut hay, herby notes, (under)ripe lemons and a cold, steely very Rheingau core underneath.
On the palate this a fuller, riper mouthfeel, with a hint of creaminess and ripe fruit. Lemon curd, lemon sorbet, a hint of underripe mango, some white peach. A nice juicy, if not overly long, finish.
Nice drinking and has enough weight & structure but not the depth or precision you’d expect from GG level.
Edit: Day 2 with half a bottle left from yesterday. A nice waxy, lanolin character evolved. Seems more serious and complete. 0.1pts up
— 6 months ago

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Weingut Prinz von Hessen

Dachsfilet Riesling Trocken 2016

Mucha fruta en boca y nariz, poca azucar, balanceado, suave en el paladar. Elegante. — 3 years ago

Prinz von Hessen (Landgräflich Hessiches Weingut)

Johannisberger Klaus Spätlese Riesling 1983

Smells like a dessert wine, but drinking dry — 4 years ago

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Prinz Salm

Grünschiefer Riesling

Lily Davis

Young vin de soif. Most of the wines I'm drinking here in Berlin are young and fruity without much depth, even the Riesling. Let's see what comes.... — 6 years ago

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Schloss Reinhartshausen

Edition Prinz von Preussen Trocken Riesling 2020

Delicious and unusual light pineapple notes, good length and acidity. — 8 months ago

Prinz von Hessen (Landgräflich Hessiches Weingut)

Steckenpferd Riesling 2013

Nase schon deutlich von Reifenoten geprägt, im Mund ein opulentes Frucht/Süße Spiel, als Dessertwein sicher noch ein langes Leben vor sich ; nach zwei Wochen steht der immer noch wie eine eins, für das was er sein soll klare Aufwertung — 2 years ago

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Prinz von Hessen (Landgräflich Hessiches Weingut)

Goldstückchen Spätlese Riesling 2014

Had a taste of this yummy late harvest Riesling today from Rheingau at work as a deductive tasing session. Candied nuts, petroleum, beeswax, dried grass on the nose but the palate is awesome - minerality, ripe apricot and apple cider with medium residual sugar and light acidity. The viscosity is really nice coating the mouth just enough to get the balance of sweet and sour taste. Thumbs up for the Old World Riesling Spatlese 👍. — 3 years ago

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Prinz Salm

Kabinett Riesling 2013

Riesling must be the only varietal where many of the entry level bottles can improve with some age (mostly speaking of German and Austrian) while also decreasing in price. Delicious and complex with eight years of age, displaying everything to be expected: white flowers, honey, petrol, wet rocks. The sweetness has perfectly integrated at this stage. $7! — a year ago

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Prinz von Hessen (Landgräflich Hessiches Weingut)

Feinherb Riesling

Had the 2018 vintage - crisp and on the drier side yet with some fruity notes and not too mineral. — 2 years ago

Prinz von Hessen (Landgräflich Hessiches Weingut)

Johannisberg Trocken Riesling

Loved it - EXACTLY what a good Riesling is supposed to be, even with some light floral notes. Reminds me of the Chateau de St. Michelle Riesling. — 4 years ago

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