Primitivo Di Manduria

Agricola Erario

l'Unico Riserva Primitivo di Manduria 2015

This medium-dark wine offers a nose of dark fruit and a bit of tar. There is a touch of clove and a hint of mint, too. The palate is drenched in blackberry, cassis and plum, with a noticeable level of tannins. The finish is long and juicy, with that dark fruit flavor lasting the longest. Pair with steak or a Bolognese dish. — 20 days ago

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Sinfarosa Primitivo Zinfandel Di Manduria 2017

This wine is medium-dark in the glass, and full-blown dark on the nose. Aromas of black fruit leap out first, but the tar notes follow quickly. It has a peppery smell to it and a healthy amount of chocolate and cigar box. The palate is full and lush. Blackberry notes, anise, mocha and bramble all join together with firm tannins and a lengthy finish. I want a steak with this one, but a sausage and pasta dish would be nice, too. You can also enjoy it by itself as it is quite sip-worthy. — 6 days ago

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Cantine Lizzano

Mano Nero Primitivo di Manduria 2017

This wine is medium dark in its ruby color and has a nose featuring black cherry, raspberry, vanilla and some baking spices. The palate is bursting with fruit flavor - jammy cherry, currant, blackberry - and a hint of anise. The tannins are firm but not too firm and the wine’s acidity offers a refreshing feel in the mouth. The lengthy finish brings a little savory play into the mix, with a note of coffee and licorice. — 25 days ago

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Masseria Cicella

Pepe Nero Primitivo di Manduria 2018

This is a dark wine, in color, aroma and taste. The nose is extremely savory, with tar paving the way for anise, blackberry and currant. The freshness is amazing, with a lively acidity and firm tannins. Pair it with game if you've got it, Bolognese if you don't. It's actually so good you may not even think to have food with it. — a month ago

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Casa Vinicola Apollonio

Mani del Sud Primitivo di Manduria

Primitivo di Manduria. This very dark wine has a nose which I would call massive. Tremendous tar notes blend with the blackest fruit imaginable, pulling along aromas of black olives, leather, forest floor and smoke. The palate is just as savory, with black plum and berry flavors joined by black pepper, black cherry cola and a hint of cardamom. The tannins are fairly smooth. Pair this wine with any kind of meat or game dish. — 21 days ago

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Riserva Tema Primitivo di Manduria 2016

This wine has a medium-dark tint and a complex nose. Earthiness is the overriding feel from the aroma package. There is plum, blackberry and raspberry in there, all colored by savory minerals, tobacco, tar, leather and sweet oak spice. The palate shows black cherry, cassis, licorice and a beautiful oak effect. The tannins are firm without getting in the way, and pairing the wine with a meaty pasta dish springs to mind first. The finish is of medium length and reminds me of sweet fruit, odd perhaps, for a wine that brought the savory so early. — 23 days ago

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Paolo Leo

Passo Del Cardinale Primitivo Di Manduria 2018

It is a medium dark wine with a savory nose, showing violets, licorice, forest floor and a touch of cardamom. The palate is spicy, with black pepper and herbs joining the black berry profile. The tannins are quite firm and the acidity is fresh. It is a youthful wine which will pair nicely with a pork roast. — a month ago

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Antica Masseria Jorche

Riserva Primitivo di Manduria 2016

This dark wine has a fruity nose of blackberry and plum, but there are some more savory notes as well. Black pepper, cigar box and black olive also come through. On the palate, licorice and plums are in the forefront of one of the fruitier flavor profiles I have tasted in Apulian Primitivos. The 16% alcohol is not as overpowering as I imagined it would be. The tannins are fairly forceful and the acidity is refreshing. This wine drinks really well and will pair nicely with a marbled rib eye steak. — 22 days ago

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Oro di Eméra Primitivo di Manduria 2017

This wine is dark, and carries a deep purple color in the glass. The nose has plum and blackberry fruit, but they are hiding behind a more savory curtain of aromas: pepper, violets, leather and a box of cigars. The palate shows youthful black fruit and a double handful of tannins. Give the wine some time to relax after opening. — 24 days ago

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Agricola Pliniana

Iuvenis Primitivo di Manduria 2017

This wine is medium-dark with a ruby hue. The nose is subtle, but shows off blackberry and raspberry aromas along with notes of black olive, cigars and spices. The palate is nice and fruity with a minty essence to go with the oak effect. Acidity is fresh, even youthful, and the tannins are medium firm. I liked it with my rib eye steak, but it also sat well with crackers and cheddar/pimento cheese. — a month ago

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